Evolution: Making It Stick

(This post is part of our 2014 Resolve to Evolve program.)

A progress report is only valuable if you do the work. It’s hardly worth taking the time to check in on where you are if you don’t plan to do anything with it.

Sometimes we can put our professional (and personal) growth on the back burner. We’ll get to it when there’s time. When there’s margin. But what most of us know by now, is that there is rarely extra time.

Your career is worth it. You are worth it.

Here are two ways to make your progress stick:

  1. Go public. If you haven’t shared your annual goals with someone yet, do it now. Share on Facebook, with your spouse, of with a fellow GMN manager. (Accountability is always useful.)
  2. Incentivize Yourself. We all work a little harder when there’s a reward at the finish line. Now that you’ve set some goals and some deadlines, plan to reward yourself. Maybe it’s finally taking some of those PTO days or that trinket you’ve been eyeing for awhile. Whatever it is, you might just work a bit harder and faster when you know there is something waiting for you.

We’ll be laying out new monthly challenges for you beginning next month in August. There is still lots of 2014 left. Let’s keep resolving to evolve, together.

Johanna Price

Johanna Price is a writer and editor living in the Twin Cities. Follow her on Twitter @johannaprice.