Foundations and Communications

From the PhilanTopic Weekend Links

On the Knight Foundation blog, Elizabeth Miller highlights conversations from the 2013 Grantmakers for Effective Organizations conference about how funders can better communicate what they learn:

Prioritize the audience. Know specifically whom you’re trying to reach with your findings so that what you’re learning is shared in the right circles.

Market determines method. Understanding who will benefit from these insights may determine the best way to deliver them. Different platforms or social media outlets may be your “friends” in distinct cases.

Enlist the evaluated. Work with grantees to help disseminate the findings.

Reflect and refine. Take time to measure the success of your efforts. Measurement is as important as the planning process in terms of understanding what works. Use specific analytics to determine whether dissemination methods were effective, whether you targeted the right audiences, and how you could improve on the overall strategy next time.

Beth Kanter, co-author of Measuring the Networked Nonprofitshares findings from a recent report on video use among nonprofits by Edelman, See3, and YouTube. Based on a survey of five hundred nonprofits as well as interviews with experts in the field, Into Focus: Benchmarks for Video and a Guide for Creators found that while video is important now and will become even more important for nonprofit groups over the next three years, more than half of respondents said their budgets do not support more video production.