GM101 Schedule and Content


  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Grants Management: An Overview
  • De-mystifying 501(c)(3)s
  • The Grantmaking Process
  • View from the Field: Q & A
  • Wrap-up

Critical Content in GM101

The GM101 Workshop modules include the most vital information for effective grants management:

  1. De-mystifying 501(c)(3)s and understanding what kind of organization you serve – GM101 covers the differences between public charities and private foundations to help professionals better understand the basics of oversight, compliance, and best practices depending on the type of grantmaker they work for.
  2. Understanding and managing the process of grantmaking – GM101 lays out some fundamentals of the grantmaking process, which participants can then customize to reflect their organization’s policies and approaches. This module is the meat of the program, starting with an understanding of how to build awareness for your organization’s work and moving to setting up guidelines and application processes. We cover reviewing proposals, evaluating organizational health and capacity, and making awards. During this module, we also discuss monitoring and evaluation and closing completed grants.
  3. Being aware of the environment in which grantmaking takes place – GM101 shares some best practices in philanthropy and tackles topics such as the legal landscape, evolving technology, financial fundamentals, and the need to measure, evaluate, and communicate results.
  4. Building skills and perspectives that support the work of grants management – GM101 taps into concepts of continuous learning and the development of enhanced skills. This module includes discussions about project management, process improvement, collaboration, and effective communication in multiple media forms.