GM101: The World of Grantmaking, Your Role, and Your Impact

New to grantmaking? Get a running start on your career and learn how to make a difference in the philanthropic sector with GM101!

GM 101 – Introduction to Grants Management is the session to capture and distill much of your current and future career in philanthropy in one day. And not just for your career in grants management!

I taught sessions of GM101 at the GMN Annual Conference for 4 years to growing audiences of new professionals in the field. It was the go-to session for those just launching their careers in philanthropy, with as many as 100 participants from around the country. GMN is now bringing GM101 to you locally, in New York City and Chicago.

What will you learn, and how will that turn your job into a career?

  • Discover the world of grantmaking that you’ve entered.
  • Understand your role in this sector.
  • Maximize your effectiveness and that of your colleagues.
  • Move from task-orientation to strategic thinking.

What are key questions that GM 101 will address?

The world of grantmaking. What is a grantmaker? (You work for one, but who else is out there?) Who is eligible to receive grants? (Many more types of organizations than you realize!) What are the legal compliance rules vs. you internal policies? (Let’s simplify the complexity!)

Your role. What is your relationship to the sector? (You are in the center of the hub. You will have key roles—sometimes explicit, sometimes indirect—with program staff, grantees, your board and senior staff, and even the media and other stakeholders.)

Your impact. How can you contribute both tactically and strategically to your organization’s mission? How do you set your career on an upward trajectory?

Grantmaking depends on the knowledge and experience of a broad range of professionals. GM101 provides the foundation for grants managers to make essential contributions to their peers and maximize the impacts of their organizations’ efforts. Join me and your peers for an informative and lively interactive discussion of grantmaking today, with direct application to your role as grants manager.


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Rik Treiber

Rik Treiber is Director of Grants at the Peter G. Peterson Foundation in New York City.