First things first – what is GM101?

GM101 is short for Grants Management 101 and is PEAK Grantmaking’s exclusive one-day training workshop designed for professionals new to their role in grants management. GM101 is typically a pre-conference workshop at PEAK Grantmaking’s Annual Conference. In the fall, PEAK Grantmaking takes GM101 on the road to bring the full day workshop to members coast to coast.

Who should attend?

Those with backgrounds in accounting, technology systems, program management, and other relevant areas. Grants management is often the department where program, finance, communications, application, approval and administrative functions overlap. This integrated day of training is designed for grants managers who perform a diverse set of tasks and maintain a wide range of professional relationships to ensure high quality grants administration across programs. This is a national workshop and all are welcome to attend.

What will be covered in the GM101 workshop?

  • Provides a basic understanding of grants management within grantmaking organizations.
  • Builds awareness of the philanthropic context in which grantmaking takes place including types of grantmakers and grantees.
  • Suggests best practices for grants managers to adopt.
  • Builds an understanding of grantmaking’s legal and regulatory landscape.
  • Shares ways to assess the health and financial sustainability of prospective grantees.
  • Outlines the internal administrative and tracking processes that support a grantmaking cycle.
  • Frames grants management as a profession and offers some suggestions for networking, skill building, learning, and development.
  • Provides opportunities for networking and learning from peers.

How much does it cost to attend GM101?


GM101 is designed for and offered to grants managers who are in the first year of their career in philanthropy and are currently employed by a grantmaking organization.

If this does not describe your current role, please contact for information on similar introductory resources on grants management.