GMN2017-Block C Sessions

Monday, March 20, 2017, 3:00-4:15pm


The 8 Habits of Highly Effective Grants Managers

LEARNING TRACK: Effective Practices | Skill Building
LEVEL: General
#GMN2017 #8habits


  • Nichole Hoeflich, Program Specialist, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations

Building off the GMN2016 short talk on “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Grants Managers,” Grantmakers for Effective Organizations will dive deeper into how to put these habits into practice before exploring an 8th habit: dancing on the edge. This session will discuss how all eight habits pave the way for grants managers to become better problem solvers and use their voices to engage their colleagues in overcoming challenges.

Participants will

  • Acquire knowledge of eight habits that will help grants managers become better problem solvers and relationship builders
  • Gain ideas for small steps grants managers can take to put these habits into practice in their day-to-day work
  • Feel empowered to exercise leadership in their role as grants managers

Evaluation: Creating a Way to Measure Impact

LEARNING TRACK: Hot Topics | Outcomes/Evaluation | Technology
LEVEL: Advanced
#GMN2017 #impact #evaluation @fluxxlabs


  • David Goodman, Director of Impact, Fluxx Labs
  • Ericka Novotny, Grants Management Director, Arcus Foundation
  • Susan Rosenbloom, Director, Finance and Administration, Farash Foundation

Grantmakers continue to struggle with how to approach evaluation and create a path toward greater impact measurement. This session will present a case study of how some grantmakers are working to operationalize their evaluation function using the new Impact Intelligence module of the Fluxx system, currently in a pilot phase. The session will cover not just the value of using a technology tool that connects to the existing grants database, but also the importance of using an evaluation framework that works for grantors and grantees.

We will discuss the considerations that went into configuring the online tool, data collection needs, and data dissemination implications from analyzing the information collected.

Participants will

  • Deepen understanding of how to make evaluation systems a reality

From Data to Dashboard

LEARNING TRACK: Data Intelligence | Skill Building
LEVEL: Intermediate
#GMN2017 #grantdata #dataviz


  • Katherine Murphy, Senior Data & Database Analyst, Kaiser Permanente

You know your grant data is robust, but do you want to shine the spotlight on your team’s work? Learn to highlight your data using dashboards to capture the eye of leadership and colleagues. Using real grant data, we will discuss potential stories to tell, which details to use for the best storiess, and how to pick and design your dashboard.

This session will provide you with resources, tips, and tricks to help you when you return to your office.

No design experience is necessary. However, basic Excel and pivot table knowledge is recommended.

Participants will

  • Learn a simple way to create a dynamic dashboard
  • Learn dos and don’ts of dashboard visualization
  • Gain some of the best dashboard resources

From Piles to Smiles – Making Reporting Work

LEARNING TRACK: Effective Practices
LEVEL: General
#GMN2017 #GMreporting


  • Jessica Bearman, Principal, Bearman Consulting

Let’s talk about reporting requirements.

Almost every grantmaker requires reports from grantees, but we often do very little with the information we receive. Whether reports are used for simple accountability purposes, to have good stories for the board, to build a relationship with the grantee, to make future funding or strategy decisions, or to build a field, the questions we ask should be purposeful – and the information should be used. GMN’s Project Streamline is conducting an exploration of reporting practice across the field. Come and hear what we’re learning and discuss ideas for making reporting more streamlined and meaningful for you and your grantees.

Grantmaking: Investing in Change

LEARNING TRACK: Effective Practices | Hot Topics | Outcomes/Evaluations | Skill Building
LEVEL: General
#GMN2017 #changingGM


  • Ayorinde M’cleod, Grants Manager, The Leoma M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust
  • Chad Martin, Development & Exempt Organizations Practice, KPMG LLP

Grantmakers continue to look for innovative ways to leverage the value of their charitable resources. Charitable or impact investing are trending concepts, but how can these trends benefit your organization and your charitable programs in efficient and impactful ways. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss ways to drive their charitable mission(s) through strategic charitable grants and investments, including getting acquainted with charitable investments and strategies; evaluating the benefits of investing in grantmaking; judging key governance and operational considerations; looking at types of charitable investments; measuring impact (inputs, outputs, outcomes, and impact); and assessing special considerations for international Investments.

Participants will

  • Gain familiarity with the landscape of impact investing
  • Understand both key risks and key opportunities in impact investing
  • Learn ways to enhance impact of grants

Grantmaking Toolkit: Intermediary Partners

LEARNING TRACK: Effective Practices
LEVEL: General
#GMN2017 #GMintermediaries


  • Nancy Herzog, Senior Director, Grants Administration, National Endowment for Democracy
  • Amanda Keton, General Counsel, Tides Foundation
  • Rachel Kimber, Grants Manager, Arcus Foundation
  • Magui Rubalcava Shulman, President/Founder, Borealis Philanthropy

Has your organization considered working with intermediaries? Do you already participate in intermediary grantmaking but are unclear of the costs and benefits of this relationship? Intermediaries can be strategic partners by supporting funders as thought partners, issue experts with technical acumen, and nimble implementers of bold strategy.

In this session, you will engage with a panel of funders and intermediaries who will explore the role intermediaries play in strategic grantmaking. Grants managers can support transformational change by incorporating the expertise, capacity, and legal bandwidth of intermediaries as part of their strategic toolkit. Together, the panel and audience will explore obstacles and methodologies and arrive at good grantmaking solutions.

Intermediary grantmaking can play a critical role in extending and enhancing philanthropic impact. Come find out how!

Improv Comedy for Grants Managers (Seriously!)

LEARNING TRACK: Skill Building
LEVEL: General
#GMN2017 #GMimprov


  • Gretchen Schackel, Grants Manager, James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation
  • Jen Bokoff, Director of Knowledge Services, Foundation Center

Back by popular demand! Come ready to let loose and laugh! In this session, you’ll learn some improv comedy basics that might be the most valuable skills you take back to the office. Listening, the “yes, and” approach, teamwork, creativity, and thinking on your feet all are at the heart of comedy, and also your jobs. Gretchen and Jen are both trained in comedy and have worked in philanthropy long enough to have fun with it. If you want to do everything but sit in your seat and take notes, this session is for you!

Participants will

  • Learn about the “yes, and” approach and find value in integrating it into your daily interactions
  • Explore good listening and thinking on your feet.
  • See how humor can be a valuable tool to advance your personal and organizational goals

NOTE: Session is limited to 36 participants to make this a truly unique and personal learning experience.

Is Being a Consultant the Next Move in Your Career?

LEARNING TRACK: Skill Building
LEVEL: GeneraL
#GMN2017 #GMconsulting


  • Danette Peters, CEO, Onyx Consulting LLC
  • Lourdes Inga, Philanthropy and Grantmaking Practice Consultant
  • Rebecca Smith, Senior Consultant, 1892 consulting
  • Ursula D. Stewart, Senior Grants Associate and System Administrator, New York State Health Foundation

You are busy at your full-time grants management job. Your phone rings. Alas! It is a philanthropic colleague who values your expertise in grants management. They ask the question, “Have you ever considered consulting?” What do you say?

This session is designed to provoke discussion and exploration of consulting as a career path option, a side job, a pro bono position, or a full-time gig. Panelists will share a bird’s eye view of suggestions to help you make a decision, how to get started, and lessons learned from first-time consulting experiences.

Participants will

  • Discover the value of your grants management knowledge
  • Study consulting option is the right fit for them
  • Become aware of necessary, applicable contractual obligations

PARTNER SPONSORED SESSION: roundCorner: Women in Philanthropy: Bridging the Technology Gap

LEARNING TRACK: Hot Topics | Partner Sponsored Session | Technology
LEVEL: General
#GMN2017 #womenwhotech @roundcornerinc


  • Andrea Landes, Vice President, Grants Management, The Commonwealth Fund
  • Ify Mora, Director of Operations, Barr Foundation
  • Jessica Hickok, Grants Manager and GMN2017 Annual Conference Co-chair, The James Irvine Foundation
  • Julia Cannon, Senior Product Manager foundationConnect, roundCorner
  • Padmaja Sathyamoorthy, Technology Director, The Skoll Foundation

With women making up the majority of nonprofit staff, they possess a unique ability to act as change makers in their communities. As foundations realize the importance of staying abreast of the advancing world of technology, women in philanthropy can harness this skill to change the way their organizations operate. Join our all-female panel as they talk about how they embraced new technology while facing challenges and leveraging the advantages of being a female technologist in the philanthropic world, regardless of job description or experience.