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PEAK Grantmaking

Identify and address gaps in your own or your team’s skills using Learning Advisor’s assessment and planning tools.

An exclusive benefit for Organization Members. Based on PEAK Grantmaking’s Grants Management Professional Competency Model, Learning Advisor helps you jumpstart your professional development and make an even greater impact in your organization. The tool assesses five levels of competency: Learning, Basic, Applied, Skilled, and Expert. Take the assessment to see where you are. Then, follow the personalized learning plan steps—online training, peer coaching, individualized resources, or in-person workshops—to advance to the next level. All at your own pace.

Strengthen Your Team

Learning Advisor for Teams empowers you and your team to manage your individual development while growing your collective talent.

Use Learning Advisor for Teams to:

  • Point individuals to specific development opportunities they need for growth.
  • Integrate career development and planning topics into regular one-on-one conversations.
  • Build team proficiency by leveraging the talents of high performers.
  • Provide more effective and tailored coaching for each team member.
  • Motivate highly engaged employees to shine as individuals and help the team achieve its objectives.


Contact PEAK Grantmaking’s Programs team to get started.