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PEAK Grantmaking

Funders sit at the intersection of power and privilege in the philanthropic sector. As such, they have a unique responsibility to drive grantmaking toward equity and inclusion.

Structural racism—and other “isms”—are rooted in policies and practices that advantage some people and disadvantage others. To drive equity, grantmaking practices must not mask bias with one-size-fits-all requirements. Grantmakers should collect, analyze, and use disaggregated demographic data to inform their strategy. Grantmakers must find ways to enable small and emerging grantseekers to learn about, apply for, and qualify for funding.

Board members and senior leaders at grantmaking organizations should work to increase the diversity of grant decision-makers and strengthen the trust between donors and communities served.

Grants management professionals are uniquely positioned to ensure policies and practices do not broaden existing inequities, but rather strengthen support for marginalized communities.

PEAK Grantmaking calls on grantmakers to assess their policies and practices and adjust them, where needed, to minimize bias, reduce disparities, and be more inclusive.

More About Drive Equity

Grants Management Professional Competency Model
Build your competencies in: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Ethics, Integrity, and Accountability; Values Alignment; Process and Change Management; Technology Management; Determining Success

PEAK Grantmaking Workshops
Bring these workshops to your regional chapter: Insight, Impact, and Equity: Collecting and Using Demographic Data; Implementing Equitable Practices

Capacity Building
Learning module