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PEAK Grantmaking

News Topic: Grantmaking Lifecycle

Due Diligence in an Increasingly Remote World

Sponsored by NGOsource For funders, the gold standard in due diligence has been doing a site visit—physically going to the grantee’s place of operation to ensure that the way they presented themselves and their work on paper could be supported by in-person reviews and interactions. While site visits offer extraordinary value in building relationships and … Continued

Building a Movement for Courageous Practice Change in Philanthropy

HOLD THE LINE! This rally call is used when a beleaguered force, sure in its moral authority but overwhelmed by opposing forces, is determined not to lose the ground it has gained. When PEAK Grantmaking’s President and CEO Satonya Fair calls for all of us in the philanthropic sector to “hold the line” on practice change … Continued

When Disaster Strikes: Responsive, values-driven grantmaking strategies for emergencies

New Orleans is a coastal city. Situated where the Mississippi River Delta becomes the Gulf of Mexico in Southeast Louisiana, New Orleans is strategically positioned for commerce; however, its location also defines its most existential threat. Due to coastal subsidence, south Louisiana is facing the highest rate of relative sea level rise in the world. … Continued

Whoosh! Four Steps to Creating Streamlined, Paperless, Electronic Grantee Payment

When the pandemic hit, a certain foundation’s grant payment process became unfeasible. First, an employee who was working from home had to drive to the foundation office to pick up blank checks and the related grant documentation. After preparing checks, that employee transported the paper pile to another employee’s home so the checks could be … Continued