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News Topic: Grantmaking Lifecycle

The Casey Foundation’s Journey Toward Equitable Grantmaking

Too often, funders fail to consider the total cost of their grants, creating funding gaps that have a disproportionate impact on smaller nonprofits and organizations of color. Grantees that lack sufficient funding struggle to pay for basic operational costs, such as rent, utilities, legal fees, equipment and other administrative expenses. When grants fail to adequately … Continued

Three Steps to Improving Evaluation in the Philanthropic Sector

People working in the philanthropic sector are familiar with the problems of monitoring and evaluation in our field. Funders want to ensure that their investments have an “impact,” so they define what that means and then ask their grantees to measure it. Grantee organizations need funding to do their work, so they agree to measure … Continued

Centering Grantees With Reporting Alternatives

This past summer, I revisited a perennial question: What are funders doing with the reports that grantee organizations are required to submit as per their grant agreement? The Center for Effective Philanthropy’s Grantee Perception Report has found that the survey question related to the value of reporting processes was the single lowest-rated question year after … Continued

Why Do We Bother? The tragedy of foundation reporting requirements

There’s essentially nothing a foundation must do when it comes to asking most nonprofits to provide reports on the grants they’ve received. In fact, there’s no regulation that requires a funder to have a reporting process at all. (Expenditure responsibility grants are a major exception, of course.) Yet nearly all foundations do require reports for virtually all their grantees. It’s … Continued

An Equity Checklist For Your Corporate Scholarship and Grantmaking Efforts

Sponsored by WizeHive The racial reckoning of 2020 layered with the Covid-19 crisis has put new and much-needed emphasis on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace. According to The 2020 Porter Novelli Executive Purpose Study, 76 percent of executives acknowledge the role of business in perpetuating systemic racial inequality and are … Continued

Two Steps Forward, No Steps Back: Relief funding for the future

Sponsored by Submittable As the pandemic rages on, more and more organizations are acknowledging that this crisis didn’t create disparities, it exacerbated existing inequities. And it raised the stakes. As a social impact and grants management platform with clients across the philanthropic sector, the Submittable team has gotten a unique view of the crisis response. … Continued

How Improving Your Grant Application Experience Can Deepen Your Impact

Sponsored by Blackbaud You may be aware of the recent 100 Forms in 100 Days campaign recently completed by GrantAdvisor and the Technology Association of Grantmakers (TAG). This was a study to improve the grantseeker experience, by examining commonalities across grant applications. To achieve this goal, they asked for 100 grant applications to be submitted … Continued

#FixTheForm. You Don’t Need Permission to Be Revolutionary.

“Grant operations are key to envisioning change, making effective updates, and working toward equity in philanthropy,” said Michael McAfee, President and CEO of Policy Link, during a keynote address at PEAK 2021’s annual conference. And it’s true. PEAK’s 5,000 members hold unique power as leaders in grants operations and, perhaps without realizing it, are in … Continued

Building Trust Starts Before the Grant

In its first six years, WomenStrong International has invested $15 million to nurture learning and lift up a growing community of organizations that center their work on the real-life needs and experiences of women and girls in urban areas around the world. We view trust-based grantmaking as both an equity issue and an essential component … Continued