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News Topic: Organizational Learning

CEOs on How the PEAK Community Will Change Grantmaking

PEAK in 2021 has been continuously engaged with some of the most innovative and forward-thinking leaders in the field of philanthropy via our ongoing interview series led by PEAK President and CEO Satonya Fair, a keynote event at PEAK2021 Online, and a spectacular panel discussion in September. The discourse at each event iterated time and … Continued

Upgrade that Board Packet with the Same Data, Better Storytelling

I work at a private foundation and one of my grants management duties is to update the board three times a year on the grant applications we are considering for awards, the grantmaking budget, and other information. But at meetings, the board would sometimes be distracted trying to look for the information while discussion was … Continued

Three Transformative Takeaways from PEAK’s Spring Workshop Series

Last month, we attended and presented at PEAK’s Spring Workshop Series | Narrowing the Power Gap and Implementing Flexible Practices, along with over 100 grantmakers representing diverse segments of philanthropy. The forum offered a blend of core concept learning, plenary and small-group dialogue, and case study examples to help attendees reimagine grantmaking “toward a more equitable, … Continued

Making the Most of Organizational Assessments

How can funders support nonprofit grantee partners in assessing their organizational capacity needs to become stronger, healthier organizations? This is what the Hewlett Foundation’s Effective Philanthropy Group was curious to understand when we commissioned a study to learn more about organizational assessment – what assessment tools existed, how are they being used by funders and … Continued

Demographic Data Collection: A Tool for Change

Imagine the scene: Someone is filling out a RSVP form to volunteer with a local organization. They are excited to give their time to a cause they care about… until they get to those obligatory demographic questions. Whether the question asks about gender, race or ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability or something else, they do not … Continued

What We Don’t Know About COVID-19 Funding, and How You Can Help

Candid began tracking philanthropic gifts for COVID-19 on February 3, 2020—two weeks after the Centers for Disease Control confirmed the first U.S. case and as evidence of the pandemic’s disastrous scale was mounting. Recently, in partnership with the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, we documented $11.9 billion in global philanthropy for COVID-19 in the first half of the year. … Continued

Drive Equity with Demographic Data

Despite a growing focus on equity in grantmaking, nonprofits led by and serving diverse populations remain chronically underfunded, and equitable positive outcomes for those populations remain elusive. A major reason: the failure to account for demographics, especially race. Last week, PEAK Grantmaking released a robust set of resources and recommendations designed to help drive equity … Continued

Why do Foundations Struggle with Evaluation?

There’s a longstanding tension about the role of evaluation in foundations. While there’s been a great deal of discussion about the need to document the results of foundation grantmaking, there is actually not a great deal of evidence that evaluation is being used in meaningful ways. For example, in a recent report by the Center … Continued