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News Topic: Organizational Learning

Trends in Grants Management Technology: Relationship management, artificial intelligence, and data trusts

PEAK Grantmaking member Sam Caplan sat down with Jared Sheehan of PwrdBy to chat about trends in grants management technology. Sam is the founder of New Spark Strategy, a technology consulting and strategic planning firm. Prior to embarking on this venture, Sam served as the Chief Information Officer at the Walton Family Foundation and Director … Continued

Getting Real About Grantee Feedback, Power, and Humility

On April 1, The Libra Foundation announced that they are doubling their grantmaking this year from $25 million to $50 million, stating that “the doubling represents the Foundation’s focus on the historic importance of 2020 and a deep commitment to supporting organizations led by and building power with those most impacted by systemic oppression. The … Continued

Learning the Practice of Equitable Evaluation

The Associations Advancing Equitable Evaluation Practices (AAEEP) came together earlier this year to support and advance the equitable evaluation field of study and practice. As a part of this commitment, we offered a webinar sharing experiences of two foundations, Kresge and the Oregon Community Foundation, who are testing the waters of equitable evaluation.

Are You Measuring Your Impact? 3 Ways to Get Started Today

Forward thinking foundations not only report grant numbers, but also report the impact of those numbers. Collecting and analyzing data that enables you to understand the impact of your grants can seem daunting. Many organizations fall into the trap of collecting lots of data – but not meaningful data.

Using Evaluation to Advance Equity

In July, PEAK Grantmaking joined forces with five other philanthropy-serving organizations to announce our commitment to advancing the core principles of equitable evaluation among our members. The coalition of Associations Advancing Equitable Evaluations Practices (AAEEP) will partner with the Equitable Evaluation Initiative (EEI) to provide ideas, case studies, tools and resources for foundations wishing to … Continued

Advancing Equitable Evaluation Practices in Philanthropy

To infuse philanthropy’s evaluation process with equity necessitates a shift to a new paradigm: equitable evaluation. Through EE practices, grantmakers can create an evaluation process that serves as a tool to both serve and contribute to equity. This new approach asks questions that lead to greater understanding to address systemic sources of inequity. It also … Continued

Notes from the Field: Three Foundant clients share their experiences in evaluation and learning

E.C. Pollick Byrnes This sponsored post was originally published on Foundant’s website and is a continuation of Funders, Take a tip from Michaelangelo I have now been with Foundant about nine months after working six years in the philanthropic community. When people ask how I like it, there’s only one answer: I love it. Even … Continued

Data Management: Gateway or Gatekeeper to Equity and Validity?

Data collection is based on what we ask, what is of interest to us, and what we deem to be important and worthy of knowing. This is all determined by who we are, where we sit, what we value, and how we see the world. “Our biases remove our ability to be neutral, and we can’t claim that what we collect is representative of the full truth (or even the most important truth).”