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PEAK Grantmaking

News Topic: Risk, Finances & Compliance

Demystifying Grantmaking Transparency and Compliance

Sponsored by Blackbaud Funders can get answers to almost any question they have with only a few keystrokes. That desire for information at their fingertips has bled over to the organizations they support. It is no longer a question of whether organizations should share impact data. It’s now about how much data to share, how … Continued

The Myth of Risk: How to make good on the promise of “big bets” in philanthropy

There are no bad grants. Period. My hope is not that funders remember that, but that they believe it—and then act accordingly. There’s an interesting phenomenon that takes place when someone says something to you that you often say to others. Last October, I was speaking with Hanh Le as she was preparing to depart … Continued

Tax Code Details That Have a Big Impact on How You Evaluate Grant Proposals

In part one of this series, we examined how good due diligence can help your private foundation avoid incurring taxable expenditures from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). We took a standard, hypothetical grant request—a $150,000 proposal from a local homeless shelter—and saw how seemingly small elements of the proposal could lead to big problems for … Continued

A Little Due Diligence Goes a Long Way to Avoid Triggering Taxable Expenditures

Most grants that are awarded by private foundations don’t carry significant legal risks. For instance, consider a grant proposal for $150,000 from a local homeless shelter to allow the shelter to start a housing-first program. No big deal, right? But what if, buried in the grant application, was a one-sentence output proposal that indicated the … Continued

Why Grantmakers Need a Purpose-Built Financial Management System

Sponsored by Blackbaud Foundation Solutions Now, more than ever, foundations need to provide a clear view of their entire giving workflow. Having a holistic view of your financial process – in addition to your grantmaking process – is an essential to being accountable to your numerous stakeholders. And being able to provide them all with … Continued

Staying on Track in an Unpredictable World: Three ways to plan and manage future risks to impact

Over the last few decades, the world has gone from complicated to complex. We are more interconnected than ever, and this reality is playing out with stark visibility via COVID-19. As the complex and interdependent connections between us can be literally followed through the spread of the virus, the effects of COVID-19 are something quite … Continued

Chapter Report: A deep dive into grantmaking legal compliance and streamlining

PEAK Grantmaking’s Greater Washington, DC regional chapter had a packed house for our 2019 fall membership meeting, which kicked off with a presentation on grantmaking legal compliance, followed by afternoon roundtable discussions on streamlining grants processes. Leading off: Legal Compliance in Grantmaking, presented by Andras Kosaras, Esq. from Arnold & Porter, which focused on: grantmaking … Continued