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News Topic: Technology Management

CONNECTing on Tracking Grantee Demographics

In the CONNECT online community, PEAK Grantmaking members generously share their insights and approaches to grantmaking, recently contributing to a rich discussion about how to collect and leverage grantee demographic data. With their permission, we’re sharing some of the discussion highlights here.  Understand your purpose for demographic data collection   Funders are increasingly collecting and … Continued

The Intersection of Philanthropy, Tech, and Equity

To facilitate critical conversations and build a movement of tech futurists leveraging technology to advance equity and justice, PEAK partnered with Technology Association of Grantmakers, GrantAdvisor, and Grantbook to present a dynamic four-part learning series. Here, we share key takeaways and resources to advance the conversation in 2021.

Whoosh! Four Steps to Creating Streamlined, Paperless, Electronic Grantee Payment

When the pandemic hit, a certain foundation’s grant payment process became unfeasible. First, an employee who was working from home had to drive to the foundation office to pick up blank checks and the related grant documentation. After preparing checks, that employee transported the paper pile to another employee’s home so the checks could be … Continued

Four Grantmaking Practices That Should Outlive the Pandemic

Sponsored by GivingData Few events in history have disrupted the work of grantmakers like the COVID-19 pandemic. Its sudden onset last spring prompted foundations to quickly redeploy their capital, overhaul their grant processes, and realign funding priorities. For a sector like philanthropy, changes this sweeping usually unfold over a period of months, not days or … Continued

Ensuring the Success of Your Tech Investments: What can foundations borrow from Agile in a post-COVID world?

Sponsored by SmartSimple Software To say that 2020 introduced challenges to the philanthropic sector would be a vast understatement. The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged organizations to demonstrate the ability to pivot, show resilience and agility from all perspectives: people, process, and technology. Few of us saw anything close to the likes of COVID-19 coming, nor did … Continued

What is Robust CRM and the Top 3 Signs You Need It

Ask foundations what the backbone of their organization is and they’ll tell you – relationships. Foundations know that building relationships beyond the transactional can deepen stakeholder engagement while strengthening their impact. That’s why many foundations are now prioritizing Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) as a center point of their foundations’ technology.

Grants Management Systems Need to be Agile

Sponsored by At, 2020 started out like any other year. We had big plans set in place for our direction and we were ready to tackle it all. Then, the pandemic hit and everything changed. As we talked to nonprofits around the globe and in the Salesforce community, we heard numerous stories about … Continued

Disrupting Grantmaking: Matchmaking, algorithms, proposal-less programs, and the future of philanthropy

Grants management professionals are among those leading the way to show how practices can embed equity. Yet, while we’re building something different, we’re still using the same box of LEGOs. What if, instead, we threw those LEGOs out the window and completely reimagined our work, applying models from other sectors to do away with applications, applicant burden, and competitive processes.