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PEAK Grantmaking

News Topic: Self-Care & Wellness

Create Cultures of Care to Transform Philanthropy From the Inside Out

There is no denying that over the last three years our world has been fundamentally reshaped by a worldwide pandemic, urgent climate collapse, widening inequality, rising authoritarian threats, and increasingly violent reactionary culture backlash. The peril of this moment is defined by precarity of many of the systems, norms, and order that we have known. … Continued

CONNECTing on Designated Wellness Funding

In the CONNECT online community, PEAK Grantmaking members generously share their insights and approaches to more efficient and equitable grantmaking. Recently there was rich discussion around opportunities to support grantee partners with dedicated wellness grants. Members shared their experiences and insights in CONNECT, and you can find some discussion highlights and suggested considerations here.  There … Continued

PEAK’s Top Wellness Recommendations to See You Through the Season

I love this period between Thanksgiving and the first of the year. At its best, it’s a season of especially gracious living, a time to connect with and affirm that which brightens the rest of the year—friends, family, faith, food, whatever have you. However, it’s also a time that can produce anxiety for any number … Continued

Living BIG by Stepping Back: Wellness Lessons Inspired by PEAK’s Leadership Summit

PEAK absolutely has the best volunteers.  Recently, we hosted our annual leadership summit for our numerous volunteer leaders. We spent four days with our chapter, committee, and peer group volunteer leaders, connecting with each other, learning about what’s going on in our respective groups, and spending some time reflecting and participating in some professional development. Beyond the … Continued

How to Reduce Your Stress to Give Your Best

The problem: Grants management professionals take on a substantial level of stress to effectively support and guide grant partners, coworkers, board members, and supervisors. These days, the stress is even higher as the world is constantly transforming, cultural norms are being upended, and conflicting belief systems are creating deep divides within our country. In any … Continued