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PEAK Grantmaking

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Collecting Data With an Eye Toward Equity

Note: This article is currently pending an update. Please check back early next week for additional insights. In June, our PEAK Northeast chapter in collaboration with Philanthropy New York hosted a panel discussion that took a hard look at the inequities embedded in collecting demographic data. For funders, the responsible stewardship of money has meant … Continued

Take It From the Nonprofits: Even in a crisis, funders are falling short on equity

This article was originally published by the Center for Effective Philanthropy. CEP’s latest research report, Persevering Through Crisis: The State of Nonprofits, provides further evidence of the devastating impact of 2020 on nonprofits—and how the crises of the past year hit some nonprofits much harder than others. While many nonprofits reported that their foundation funders were flexible, … Continued

Four CEOs on How to Lead Philanthropy Forward

As some aspects of our society begin to settle back into their pre-2020 rhythms, the question looms large as to whether philanthropy will do the same. To examine how the sector had to change in response to crisis—and how it must continue to evolve with urgency—PEAK President and CEO Satonya Fair led a discussion with … Continued

What Makes a Bad Grant? It’s Time to Change How We Decide

Since 1925, the Edward W. Hazen Foundation has been committed to supporting young people and communities of color to organize and lead to dismantle structural inequity based on race and class. Consequently, the organization sees building relationships with grantees as central to capacity building. But in order to support grassroots movements and build communities, sector-wide … Continued

How to Reduce Your Stress to Give Your Best

The problem: Grants management professionals take on a substantial level of stress to effectively support and guide grant partners, coworkers, board members, and supervisors. These days, the stress is even higher as the world is constantly transforming, cultural norms are being upended, and conflicting belief systems are creating deep divides within our country. In any … Continued

Three Transformative Takeaways from PEAK’s Spring Workshop Series

Last month, we attended and presented at PEAK’s Spring Workshop Series | Narrowing the Power Gap and Implementing Flexible Practices, along with over 100 grantmakers representing diverse segments of philanthropy. The forum offered a blend of core concept learning, plenary and small-group dialogue, and case study examples to help attendees reimagine grantmaking “toward a more equitable, … Continued