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PEAK Grantmaking

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The Casey Foundation’s Journey Toward Equitable Grantmaking

Too often, funders fail to consider the total cost of their grants, creating funding gaps that have a disproportionate impact on smaller nonprofits and organizations of color. Grantees that lack sufficient funding struggle to pay for basic operational costs, such as rent, utilities, legal fees, equipment and other administrative expenses. When grants fail to adequately … Continued

Exploring the Future of Grants Management

PEAK’s 2021 annual membership meeting began with reflections on our memorable 25th anniversary year and closed with President and CEO Satonya Fair facilitating a panel discussion on how the field is shifting and the opportunities for philanthropy professionals—especially grants management specialists—to lead on operationalizing equitable practices. In these highlights from that conversation, Nina Mason Pulliam … Continued

Adjusting the Grantmaking Process to Address Equity and Inclusion

Sponsored by Foundant Technologies   Grantmakers have an opportunity to examine their grantmaking process and consider what changes could help increase access to funding for the communities experiencing the most significant inequities. We asked our clients about their work in the areas of equity, inclusion, and justice (EIJ) and were truly inspired by their responses. … Continued

Celebrating PEAK’s AAPI Community

PEAK launched four peer groups for peer learning and support in spring 2021 in response to members asking for more dedicated spaces to convene around shared identities. Among them is the PEAK Asian American and Pacific Islander Caucus, which met for the first time during PEAK2021 Online. Over the past year, this group has been a … Continued

How People-First Leadership is Driving Philanthropy New York’s Equity Journey

Philanthropy New York CEO Kathryn O’Neal-Dunham takes a holistic approach to her work and is well-attuned to how relationship dynamics within and between organizations impact outcomes. During her tenure, she has worked to help the organization rethink its processes and values so that they better center people—and, more specifically, racial equity—in all facets of work … Continued

Demystifying Grantmaking Transparency and Compliance

Sponsored by Blackbaud Funders can get answers to almost any question they have with only a few keystrokes. That desire for information at their fingertips has bled over to the organizations they support. It is no longer a question of whether organizations should share impact data. It’s now about how much data to share, how … Continued

Three Steps to Improving Evaluation in the Philanthropic Sector

People working in the philanthropic sector are familiar with the problems of monitoring and evaluation in our field. Funders want to ensure that their investments have an “impact,” so they define what that means and then ask their grantees to measure it. Grantee organizations need funding to do their work, so they agree to measure … Continued

The Role of Grants Pros in Impact Storytelling

The art of storytelling is a powerful relationship-building tool. For a funder, it’s a means to communicate the success of its programs and cultivate a reputation for what it stands for as an organization. In addition, funders can create opportunities for grantees to elevate their mission and community voices to the larger philanthropic community. While … Continued