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PEAK Grantmaking

Principle: Drive Equity

Continuing the Conversation: The changing face of philanthropy

Four women of color CEOs continue the discussion that started at PEAK2021 on the changing face of philanthropy. Closing PEAK2022, PEAK’s Satonya Fair led a conversation with Susan Taylor Batten, Carmen Rojas, and Sherece West-Scantlebury to discuss their own emergent learning journeys over the past year, share experiences that have equipped them for the challenges … Continued

Connecting on Equity: An honest conversation on what’s standing in the way of progress

As we aim to uplift and operationalize equity in the philanthropic sector, we find hesitation and slow movement toward progress. Our opening PEAK2022 keynote brought together two dynamic leaders, Vu Le and Amoretta Morris, for a candid exchange that explored that reticence and challenged us to push forward with bold and unrestrained resolve to be … Continued

Driving Equity With Demographic Data Collection

Grants professionals are in a strategic position to impact the sector by leveraging equitable demographic data collection processes. To help you put PEAK’s Drive Equity Principle into practice, this collection of resources provides in-depth guidance on assessing why and how to collect data, navigating legal and privacy concerns, and creating effective communication plans. The action … Continued

Communicate Effectively About Your Demographic Data

Strategic stakeholder communications with all stakeholders can increase grantee partner participation, build stronger advocates, and prepare everyone to use data thoughtfully. This resource is part of the Driving Equity With Demographic Data Collection. Each deep dive details key action steps, guiding questions, and additional resources that will provide you with the clarity you need to … Continued

Navigate the Legal and Privacy Landscape Surrounding Demographic Data

Legal and privacy concerns often arise when funders collect and disclose demographic information about individuals. This guide outlines what you need to keep top of mind as you consider the ever-evolving US laws and regulations regarding antidiscrimination, equal protections, privacy, and access. This resource is part of the Driving Equity With Demographic Data Collection. Each … Continued

Decide on a Demographic Data Taxonomy

This guide is designed to help you determine what data you need to collect and the best practices for collecting it. Learn how to use language in your data collection tools that will both make your respondents feel recognized by your questions and help to reveal deeper patterns that will help to inform your funding … Continued

Understand the Power of Equitable Data Collection

Demographics matter for impact. In this guide, you will learn how to define the purpose of your data collection efforts and take stock of who is—and who is not—reached by your initiatives and gain insight into the intentional and unintentional impacts of your work. This resource is part of the Driving Equity With Demographic Data … Continued

Drive Equity With Demographic Data

Our latest release in PEAK’s suite of resources supporting the Drive Equity Principle for Peak Grantmaking explores the intricacies of demographic data collection. For philanthropy professionals, data can illuminate the impact of their grants, but working with the information you collect also comes with complex challenges. This action planner is designed to help staff and … Continued

Overlooked, Underserved, and Missing: How to mainstream LGBTQ funding and increase equitable giving (PEAK Florida)

Approximately 18 million LGBTQ adults live in the United States, but for every $100 awarded by U.S. foundations, only 28 cents support LGBTQ issues. Due to stigma and discrimination, LGBTQ people are more likely to experience poverty, homelessness, illness, and violence and are at higher risk for committing suicide. Join PEAK Florida and a panel … Continued

CEO Panel: Grants Professionals as Change Agents for Operationalizing Equity

Sponsored by Ford Foundation  Grants professionals and members of the PEAK Grantmaking community stand at a critical nexus point within philanthropic institutions, poised to lead change within their organizations and for the field. We support and empower our expanding network in raising their voices as change-management practitioners to influence shifts towards more equitable grantmaking practices. … Continued