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PEAK Grantmaking

Principle: Tie Practices to Values

From Manager to Coach

Supervision is an important part of any leader’s role, but how many of us have received formal training to be equipped with the skills necessary to be effective in that role? Shifting from the mindset of a manager to that of a coach can be a game-changer in supporting your team to be more productive, … Continued

Exploring Power and Influence in Grants Management

This pre-recorded session is made available as a special preview of the PEAK Grantmaking Journal Spring 2021 Issue, coming out in June. We pulled together a panel of folks who have come to and through grants management with a variety of backgrounds, paths, and destinations in their careers. In celebration of our 25th Anniversary, moderator … Continued

Enhancing Community Engagement with Technology

Is your organization place-based or community-facing, but you’re only speaking to grantee organizations about what the needs are in the community? Do you have ideas about what those you serve would like to see in their communities, but it’s solely based on academic research and not discussions with residents? Are you interested in building direct … Continued

Aligning M&E and Grants Management to Amplify Impact

Grantmakers can’t afford the missed opportunities for learning and improvement caused by inefficient tools, siloed processes, and disconnected systems. As the sector continues to demand more evidence and transparency, these siloes will become more detrimental to how grantmakers support their communities. In order to carry out their missions effectively and meet the changing needs of … Continued

Choose Your Own Adventure: Problem-Solving the Grantmaking Process through Dialogue

Bring your most pressing questions about your grantmaking process: How do you write a compelling request-for-proposal question? How do you recruit diverse evaluators? How do you build relationships to encourage reporting compliance? How do you acknowledge excellence in your grant proposals? Engage in a lively discussion with peers to stimulate creative thinking around grantmaking’s biggest … Continued

Emergence and Evolution: Pivoting Internal Culture Amid Crisis

In a year of massive change and rupture, our organizations’ internal cultures and practices quickly pivoted to adapt. From creating fully virtual workplaces to holding space for processing the most recent acts of anti-Black racism, to accommodating the needs of working families, the internal workings of philanthropy look about as different as its grantmaking. That … Continued

Capacity Building for Nonprofit Sustainability: Learning from Grantees and Best-Practices Literature

Nonprofits and funders agree on the importance of nonprofits’ ability to sustain impactful efforts making a positive difference in community. Unfortunately, there is not a shared understanding of what nonprofit sustainability is, and how nonprofits and funders can each contribute to sustainability, particularly in today’s challenging financial, social, economic, and political context. During this session, … Continued

Driving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion When Your Foundation’s Staff is Small

Foundations with limited staffing often face different challenges than large foundations. Addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) issues is often hampered by the limited capacity of a small foundation staff. In this session, panelists will share what their journeys have looked like, the practices they have changed or are looking to change, and the processes … Continued

Building Trust-Based Partnerships to Foster Equity

During crises like the coronavirus pandemic, individuals and communities that have been marginalized face disproportionate hardships and longer-lasting impacts. For funders like Brooklyn Community Foundation looking to address these injustices, meet urgent needs, and improve equity, establishing trust and collaboration is nonnegotiable. Brooklyn Community Foundation has a strong history of making grants through a racial-justice … Continued

Adapting During Turbulent Times

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that adaptability is an organizational imperative and that established ways of working are failing to address the urgency of the moment. The result is inefficiency, lost time, and unnecessary administrative burden for the most vulnerable grantees that are in immediate need of support. If the near-term … Continued