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PEAK Grantmaking

Resource Topic: Risk, Finances & Compliance

A Conversation on Risk, Trust, and Equity in Philanthropy

As part of planning and producing the fall 2020 edition of the PEAK Grantmaking Journal: Reimagining Grantmaking, we convened a roundtable of thought leaders to talk about the concepts of risk, trust, and equity in philanthropy – and how they are evolving in the face of the multiple crises of 2020. As one of the … Continued

Smart Risk Management for Greater Impact

As many funding organizations begin to re-examine their risk tolerance in light of the pandemic and the global uprising for racial justice, PEAK Grantmaking offers this self-paced online course to help grants managers expand their knowledge about risk, as they implement more flexible and streamlined grantmaking practices. Supported by resources from PEAK Grantmaking and Open … Continued

A New Data Infrastructure for Measuring Risk

Robust risk data shines a light on threats to impact and highlights those interventions with the highest potential for success. Without this data, we’re making grants in the dark. An unpredictable world requires us, as philanthropy practitioners, to be agile and responsible in how we manage scarce resources. Open Road Alliance has seen, from their … Continued

No Registration? No Problem! Taking Risks with International Grantmaking

In an era of increasingly-closing civic space, human rights and grassroots funders are finding that they need to incorporate greater flexibility and risk taking in their grantmaking. This session explores recommendations for funding diverse types of organizations in high-risk climates around the globe, from sending money during crises to managing complex compliance requirements in challenging … Continued

Investing in Change: How Funders Can Support Advocacy and Lobbying

Private and public foundations can play a vital role in advocacy, both by engaging in advocacy themselves and by funding their grantees to advocate on the issues important to them. Not sure how to make the case for funding advocacy? Uncertain whether you can fund grantees that lobby? Wondering whether your public or private foundation … Continued

Managing Responsive Grantmaking During the COVID-19 Crisis: Part 2

Our second member forum around how grants management professionals can support their organizations, peers, and grantees during this international crisis. As a follow-up to our first conversation, Suzanne Friday from the Council on Foundations will answer questions about legal compliance as grantmakers move to streamline practices to better support grantees during the COVID-19 crisis. Speakers … Continued

How to Structure Grant Awards to be More Responsive

For grantmakers who want to adopt more flexible funding practices, this guide is designed to help you think through ways to structure grant awards so that they are more responsive to grantseeker needs. Adaptability is a key component of nonprofit sustainability. When nonprofits have the ability to adapt as circumstances change, they are more resilient … Continued