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PEAK Grantmaking

Resource Type: How-To Guide

How to Get Started with Demographic Data

Despite a growing focus on equity amongst most grantmakers, organizations led by and serving diverse populations remain underfunded, and equitable positive outcomes for those populations remain elusive. One of the reasons for this is philanthropy’s failure to account for demographics, especially race. Learn more about how you can start or improve your practices regarding demographic … Continued

How to Facilitate Inclusive Meetings

It isn’t enough to get everyone in one room: To ensure your committee meetings are inclusive and productive, you need to prepare thoughtfully and facilitate proactively. Bring a diversity of voices into grantmaking decisions by using external review committees or engaging in participatory grantmaking. Our how-to guide gives you clear, actionable insight for setting ground … Continued

How to Recruit and Onboard Diverse and Inclusive Grant Committees

Putting together a committee of community volunteers to weigh in on your award decisions is a powerful way to drive equity in your grantmaking. Make the first steps with this guide to understanding who you need at the table, how to find them, and what they’ll need to know to become an effective and influential … Continued

How to Reduce Bias in Decision-Making and Grant Awards

Find out how unconscious bias shows up in the process of determining who gets funding, how it keeps grantmakers from fulfilling their promise to drive equity in our communities, and the proactive steps you can take to correct for it – enabling you to Drive Equity as a true partner for the organizations and populations … Continued

How to Reduce Bias in Grantmaking Strategy, Community Outreach, and Applications

A range of pernicious, long-standing biases in the infrastructure of grantmaking have led philanthropy to unwittingly expand upon the very inequities we’re committed to ending. Find out how to combat those effects and help overlooked organizations, and the marginalized communities they work with, get the support that they deserve. This how-to guide delivers step-by-step understand … Continued

Uncovering Unconscious Bias in Philanthropy

This guide is designed to help you, the grants management professional, understand bias, how it shows up in philanthropy, why it matters, and how you can improve impact and outcomes for communities historically disenfranchised from philanthropic benefit. This guide will cover some basic concepts and definitions around unconscious bias and some proven ways to reduce … Continued

How to Revisit Reporting

This workbook is designed to help you learn more about successful grant reporting practices and to begin a conversation in your organization about using your grant reports to their fullest potential. You’ll be guided through a process that will help you: Define the purpose of grant reporting in your organization Work with grantees to determine … Continued

How to Streamline Your Award and Electronic Payment Processes in Times of Crisis

This guide is designed to help you review your award and payments process and consider changes that will create a more efficient – and less paper- and document-dependent – system for funding in a time of crisis. This information was compiled from the guidance and advice shared by the PEAK Grantmaking community in our online … Continued

How to Structure Grant Awards to be More Responsive

For grantmakers who want to adopt more flexible funding practices, this guide is designed to help you think through ways to structure grant awards so that they are more responsive to grantseeker needs. Adaptability is a key component of nonprofit sustainability. When nonprofits have the ability to adapt as circumstances change, they are more resilient … Continued

How to Rightsize the Grantmaking Process and Implement Flexible Practices

One of the most effective ways to address the power imbalance, build trust, and increase impact is to rightsize your grantmaking process and implement flexible practices to reduce the time and financial burdens on your grantees. When grantmakers reduce the amount of time their grantseekers and grantees spend applying for and reporting on grants, they … Continued