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Resource Type: On-Demand Conference

Continuing the Conversation: The changing face of philanthropy

Four women of color CEOs continue the discussion that started at PEAK2021 on the changing face of philanthropy. Closing PEAK2022, PEAK’s Satonya Fair led a conversation with Susan Taylor Batten, Carmen Rojas, and Sherece West-Scantlebury to discuss their own emergent learning journeys over the past year, share experiences that have equipped them for the challenges … Continued

Advocating for Psychological Safety and Wellness in the Philanthropic Sector

Building trust and psychological safety are key components to creating a more equitable philanthropic sector. In order for those dynamics to thrive, it is essential to build strong relationships between staff, boards, grantee partners, and other key stakeholders. Joining PEAK2022 as the midweek keynote, Aiko Bethea and Megan Reitz share a critical conversation to learn … Continued

Connecting on Equity: An honest conversation on what’s standing in the way of progress

As we aim to uplift and operationalize equity in the philanthropic sector, we find hesitation and slow movement toward progress. Our opening PEAK2022 keynote brought together two dynamic leaders, Vu Le and Amoretta Morris, for a candid exchange that explored that reticence and challenged us to push forward with bold and unrestrained resolve to be … Continued

Keynote | LaTosha Brown: Engaging and Investing in Community

In her riveting opening keynote for PEAK2021, Black Voters Matter founder LaTosha Brown asked the audience to consider what possibilities would exist if racism was eliminated, urging everyone to claim and use their power and influence to build a movement for equitable practice within the organizations we serve. In order to make this happen, funders … Continued

Keynote | A 100-Year Vision for Philanthropy: An Introduction to the Resonance Framework

Changing philanthropy requires our collective creativity to innovate and adopt new models for governing philanthropic resources to redistribute wealth, democratize power and shift economic control to communities. In this session, Justice Funders brought together a panel of grant operations and philanthropy professionals who spoke about their experiences applying the Resonance Framework for Philanthropic Transformation, a … Continued

Keynote | Michael McAfee and Amanda Navarro: Building Trust with Communities

Being a trustworthy partner is the first step in building strong relationships with grantees. Yet, in the current system, the rules of the game are often rigged against some communities and leaders, particularly those who face the burdens of structural racism. How can we be trusted partners when we know the rules are unfair, yet … Continued

Keynote | Pamela Newkirk: Beyond Diversity

According to journalist and scholar Pamela Newkirk, ensuring equal and equitable opportunity requires leadership and intention to identify and break down professional barriers. In this keynote, Newkirk explores the principles of people and culture management and how they build into workplace equity that will in turn diversify philanthropic leadership. “Race doesn’t determine whether or not … Continued

Keynote | Lessons In Facilitating Community Connection While Deepening the Funder-Grantee Relationship

The philanthropic sector’s response to the health and humanitarian crises of 2020 demonstrated that rapid change is not only possible in philanthropy, but absolutely necessary to maximizing impact. In this discussion moderated by Fluxx chief development officer Kerrin Mitchell, panelists explored how philanthropy can apply lessons learned from the events of 2020, the idea of … Continued

Keynote | The Changing Face of Philanthropy

Closing PEAK2021 on a high note, PEAK President and CEO Satonya Fair hosted a panel of foundation leaders, all women of color, to discuss and examine the changing face of philanthropy. Over the course of this inspiring and powerful conversation, these women shared stories about their career journeys, how they are leveraging their power as … Continued

Realizing Your System Implementation Dreams

With so many ways in which a grants management system implementation can go wrong, how can one possibly go right? In this session, the Nathan Cummings Foundation discusses how their senior grants manager, a philanthropic consultant, and a grants management system implementation partner coalesced into a dream team that successfully completed a two-year project to … Continued