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PEAK Grantmaking

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Philanthropy and COVID-19: Diving into the Data

A year and a half since the global outbreak of COVID-19, the world is still recovering. In 2020, we saw grantmakers react swiftly, not only directing money to organizations on the ground but also making significant changes to their grantmaking practices and priorities to better help nonprofits face the myriad challenges brought on by the … Continued

Participation, Power, and Philanthropy: Co-Creating Equity with Non-Profits and Communities

The desire to have a transformational impact on communities catalyzes and ignites grantmakers in their work. To create the greatest impact, work must be done in tandem with nonprofits and those with lived experience to sufficiently understand the issues and to cocreate a path forward. What does it truly look like to have nonprofits and … Continued

Acting with Intention When Meeting Needs of the Field in Times of Crisis

The past year provided a unique opportunity for the field, program staff, grants management, and senior leaders to come together like never before. Ascendium Education Group was in the middle of finalizing materials for board review and approval when the organization, as well as most of their grant partners had to quickly pivot to remote … Continued

Holding Ourselves Accountable: Measuring Progress Toward Equitable Grantmaking

Tracking progress of increasing equity in funding gives foundations power over their knowledge, narrative, data, and accountability. How can they better gauge whether they are achieving what they intend while simultaneously expanding funding to communities of color? Does the potential exist to create a tracking system over time that is robust enough to be applied … Continued

Funding Capacity through Data Investments

Organizations on the frontlines are more stretched than ever and need capacity to grow and scale their programs. Can we shift the way we think of investing in our grant partners by truly meeting them where they are and by investing in what they really need? Could we build grant partner capacity through investment in … Continued

From Manager to Coach

Supervision is an important part of any leader’s role, but how many of us have received formal training to be equipped with the skills necessary to be effective in that role? Shifting from the mindset of a manager to that of a coach can be a game-changer in supporting your team to be more productive, … Continued

Foundations Respond to Crisis: A Moment of Transformation? Towards Equity?

To respond to 2020’s unprecedented challenges, foundations are being called on to change how they approach their work, including providing more flexible funding, shifting power, relaxing grant requirements, trusting nonprofits, and increasing payout. Foundations are also being called to come to terms with how they perpetuate structural racism, and to integrate racial equity across their … Continued

Exploring Power and Influence in Grants Management

This pre-recorded session is made available as a special preview of the PEAK Grantmaking Journal Spring 2021 Issue, coming out in June. We pulled together a panel of folks who have come to and through grants management with a variety of backgrounds, paths, and destinations in their careers. In celebration of our 25th Anniversary, moderator … Continued

Enhancing Community Engagement with Technology

Is your organization place-based or community-facing, but you’re only speaking to grantee organizations about what the needs are in the community? Do you have ideas about what those you serve would like to see in their communities, but it’s solely based on academic research and not discussions with residents? Are you interested in building direct … Continued

Applying Supply Chain Management Techniques to Philanthropy

Philanthropic institutions are known for being rigid and unwavering in its adherence to a firm set of processes that have traditionally guided their operations. But grants managers can challenge the status quo and find ways to build in efficiencies wherever they can. In this session, attendees will be given an in-depth look at the world … Continued