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PEAK Grantmaking

Resource Type: On-Demand Webinar

PEAK’s 2022 Annual Membership Meeting: The Future of Grants Management

Looking Back at Our 2021 Highlights The PEAK Grantmaking board, staff, and community for our annual membership meeting where we reconnected, celebrated, and shared highlights from our memorable 25th anniversary year. The agenda included electing candidates to the board of directors and an overview of accomplishments and updates from 2021. Looking Forward to The Future … Continued

PEAK Community Conversation: Driving Racial Equity in Philanthropy

The PEAK community has made one priority clear: Equity must be at the heart of our work. That’s why our next edition of the PEAK Grantmaking Journal is dedicated to driving racial equity in philanthropy. The Journal’s collection of stories from the field and research-driven insights will inspire you to intentionally build cultures of belonging … Continued

Using Technology to Drive Greater Impact through Better Collaboration

This webinar is sponsored and presented by If funders and nonprofits are going to work well together, they’re going to need the right technology. The Salesforce Grants Management solution is intentionally built to drive higher impact through better workspace collaboration. Built with input from our grantmaking and nonprofit communities, Grants Management is the digital … Continued

Measuring and Sharing Your Organization’s Social Impact

This webinar is sponsored and presented by SmartSimple Software. Is your organization communicating its impact in the way your stakeholders and community now expect? In this webinar, you’ll see how SmartSimple Cloud and its advanced reporting capabilities can enable you to track, measure, and share your aggregated impact in an open, accessible, and visual manner. … Continued

CSR Technology Platforms (PEAK Corporate Grantmakers Affinity Group)

During this webinar, we discussed various technology platforms that can support your organization’s corporate social responsibility objectives, shared our experiences with using these technologies, and learned best practices for evaluating these systems.

Overlooked, Underserved, and Missing: How to mainstream LGBTQ funding and increase equitable giving (PEAK Florida)

Approximately 18 million LGBTQ adults live in the United States, but for every $100 awarded by U.S. foundations, only 28 cents support LGBTQ issues. Due to stigma and discrimination, LGBTQ people are more likely to experience poverty, homelessness, illness, and violence and are at higher risk for committing suicide. Join PEAK Florida and a panel … Continued

Data Health and Integration for Foundations: Business Imperatives

This webinar is sponsored and presented by Blackbaud Foundation Solutions. Pandemic or no pandemic, foundation teams are busier than ever and are leveraging technology to help manage operations. Beginning with a brief recap from our September webinar, which focused on data health and integration fundamentals, we will look at the benefits of leveraging cloud technology and … Continued

Operationalizing ‘Philanthropy 2.0’: Matching technology to new values

This webinar is sponsored and presented by Submittable. The software and technology used to facilitate the complex work of grantmaking often isn’t designed to accommodate the new values and ways of working. In this session, join Sam Caplan, the vice president of social impact at Submittable, for a discussion of the next generation of grants … Continued

Time to Upgrade: Lessons on when and how to successfully switch your grants management system

This webinar is sponsored and presented by Fluxx. Whether your needs have evolved and your technology can’t keep up, or you are ready for a new partner to help you define the next chapter of your grantmaking, you will inevitably outgrow your grants management system. Now what? In this webinar, a panel of grantmakers and … Continued

Fundamentals of Data Health and Integration for Foundations

This webinar is sponsored and presented by Blackbaud Foundation Solutions. Foundations that make effective use of technology to support effective data management can bolster operational efficiencies and comprehensive reporting, empowering them to better fulfill their vision and mission. This session will explore the basic pillars of data management—data health, data integration, and using data integration … Continued