IRS to Speed Up Public Disclosure of Groups That Lost Charity Status

As reported in the Chronicle of Philanthropy:

The Internal Revenue Service in March plans to start posting a more up-to-date list of organizations that have had their tax-exempt status automatically revoked for not filing proper paperwork.

In the past, the tax agency has waited for six months after taking action to release the names of nonprofits that no longer hold charity status because they failed to file legally required documents for three consecutive years. But now it will do so a month after a group has lost its exemption.

“Because of this change, the number of organizations added to the list in March 2013 will appear higher than in other months because it includes a catch-up period of about seven months,” the IRS said in announcing the change.

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GMN members can learn more by watching a webinar recorded in January 2013: Automatic Revocation of Exemption—What You Need to Know. The webinar was presented by Matthew Giuliano from the IRS.