Keep it Going

(This post is part of our 2014 Resolve to Evolve program.)

Sometimes it can feel like managing our online presence is a job in itself. Check in on Facebook, tweet the link to a great article you read, Instagram that amazing sunset from your recent vacation. And now you have to keep up a profile about your actual job?

But managing your online resume via LinkedIn doesn’t have to be a full-time job.

Three tips to keep up with your new LinkedIn account:

  1. Set an event on your calendar to remind you to check in. Maybe it’s a great way to start your week on Monday mornings or end your week on Friday afternoons. The important thing is to not let it lie dormant.
  2. Look over your profile regularly. Don’t let it just sit there. Does your profile picture still accurately represent you? Did you get a new certification or learn a new skill? Keep it up to date so that when people view it, they’re viewing what you really can offer.
  3. Add new connections. If you met someone at an event or through your foundation, look them up on LinkedIn and continue to build your network. Is there someone whose work you admire? Follow them for updates and insights.

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Johanna Price

Johanna Price is a writer and editor living in the Twin Cities. Follow her on Twitter @johannaprice.