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PEAK Grantmaking is a thriving national association of more than 3,400 philanthropy professionals who manage how grants get made. Philanthropy in the 21st Century requires a clearer understanding of how data, systems, and strategies can work hand-in-hand to advance philanthropic goals. We are committed to advancing grantmaking so that grantmakers and grantseekers can achieve their missions. This is where practice meets purpose.

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The Value of Membership

Why join PEAK Grantmaking?

PEAK Grantmaking powers knowledge, advances collaboration, and strengthens practice to realize philanthropy’s full potential to fuel change for good.

  • Relationships: Build valuable relationships with colleagues and grantees.
  • Support Nonprofit Strength and Flexibility: Empower your organization to focus on strategic goals by providing reliable support to grantees.
  • Improvement Through Evaluation: Use evaluation tools to learn and improve by partnering other organizations to collect greater insights and share your findings.
  • Connect: Compare, contrast, and collaborate with other grantmakers to pursue common goals and create the capacity for grantees to make a greater impact.

Membership Types

What are my options?

Organization Membership
Dues-paying organization members receive extensive benefits, reduced or free registrations to education programs and events, and support PEAK Grantmaking initiatives to improve grantmaking practices.

Individual Membership
There is no fee required to join as an individual member. Individual members receive invitations to PEAK Grantmaking events, access to the PEAK Grantmaking online community as well as a subscriptions to PEAK Grantmaking newsletters.