Member Benefits

How will a PEAK Grantmaking membership help you do your job more effectively?

Learning Program

Our learning program is designed to meet the needs of grants management professionals at all levels and career paths.

  • Regional Meetings connect members in local settings for education, networking, discussion, and instructional learning.
  • Webinars, led by experts in the field, deliver tactical skills and strategic knowledge and are recorded for on-demand access.
  • PEAK Grantmaking’s Annual Conference is the only conference focused on grantmaking operations and is the largest gathering of grants management professionals in the world.
  • Workshops provide in-depth training, leading to mastery of core grants management knowledge. For example, Grants Management 101 is a day-long program giving new grants managers a solid understanding of their profession.
  • Online Courses allow you to deepen your knowledge and demonstrate expertise in the body of knowledge that makes up the grants management profession.
  • Career Center helps you find the most qualified employees for your organization and the next step in your own career.

Connections with Colleagues

Turn to other members for advice, brainstorming, and discussions of current and emerging issues:

  • Connect PEAK Grantmaking’s popular online community, serves as a sounding board, advice column, brainstorming hub, and support system for grantmakers that encourages networking with peers and decision makers.
  • Social Media allows interaction with our dynamic community.
  • Member Directory links you to colleagues locally and nationally to help you build your professional network.

Assessment and Benchmarking Tools

Evaluate how your grants are made and put that evaluation in context to improve your practices.

  • Assessing the How of Grantmaking defines five core questions every grantmaker should be able to answer about how their organization makes grants. It also recommends indicators to measure the effectiveness of current practices, plus provides advice about how to find and present measurement results.
  • Salary and Jobs Report is the only source of benchmarking data focused solely on grants management positions. It guides employers looking for information on compensation and benefits and helps grants managers understand their value and negotiate competitive compensation.

Reports and Publications

Explore proven, and fringe, ideas to improve how grants get made and direct more resources towards mission.

  • Guide to Streamlining Series is a set of tools and resources to help grantmakers apply Project Streamline’s four streamlining principles. Each tool is a stand-alone resource, allowing you to focus on change in the areas that matter to you at the right time.
  • Technology Reports help grantmakers integrate technology into their work in ways that enhance decision making and reduce application and reporting burdens.
  • PEAK Insight Journal is a professional journal written by and for grants managers and other thought leaders on issues and ideas shaping the increasingly complex world of grantmaking.
  • Special Research Reports identify and promote effective grantmaking practices.


Stay informed with breaking news, information about changes in the field, emerging issues, and everything grants management.

  • PEAK Grantmaking News newsletter shares the latest news about PEAK Grantmaking’s resources and learning programs, as well as employment opportunities across the field, interactive discussions, and surveys that help create knowledge and shared understanding.
  • PEAK Grantmaking Blog explores philanthropy trends, looking around corners to see what’s now and what’s next for our members, and serves as a touch-point for dialogue within our community.

Leadership Opportunities

True to our core values, PEAK Grantmaking is member driven and member led—our volunteers gain practical leadership experience and develop people, project, and financial management skills.

Our members tell us that volunteering with PEAK Grantmaking is both fun and functional, and creates opportunities to:

  • Expand skills sets and knowledge
  • Build new professional relationships
  • Use creative talents for practical purposes
  • Boost their résumés with additional responsibilities and leadership roles
  • Invest in the growth and reputation of the field of grants management, and help recruit and train a new generation of practitioners

Learn more about volunteering with PEAK Grantmaking.