National Volunteer Week: Why GMN?

As part of our celebration of National Volunteer Week, we asked some of our GMN volunteers to write about why they are so dedicated to this network of grantmaking professionals.


Genise Singleton (The Kresge Foundation) is chair of GMN’s Midwest Regional Chapter

Most individuals volunteer to uphold or support a cause close to their heart.  Perhaps the organization supported a family member in the past so there is a deep level of commitment.  Or just to help others, but my reason for volunteering in the Grants Managers Network is simple.  The benefits!

The Grants Managers Network has given me the unique opportunity to demonstrate and gain leadership skills; exchange knowledge; share and learn a new skill; connect with individuals across the country; be challenged; learn something new; gain recognition; have impact; mentor; build my resume; make new friends; be part of a team.

The rewards of gaining a skill or technique don’t always equal currency.  Volunteering for GMN….priceless.



  • Well said Genise!! The benefits of GMN are priceless!

    I have been in the field for almost 15 years and the Grant Managers Network has opened up opportunities to grow, learn and develop leadership skills that otherwise I might not of had in my small Foundation! GMN continues to EXCITE and challenge me!!!

    Volunteering has been my pleasure! Thank you GMN for helping to build new leaders!!

  • Sue Fulton

    I couldn’t agree more. My first volunteer experience with GMN involved grant making best practices, where I had an opportunity to become proficient in the subject area by learning from others. As a grants/financial manager I don’t get many opportunities outside of GMN to collaborate with people or serve in a leadership capacity. Volunteering for GMN provided me these opportunities. Public speaking will never come naturally to me and before GMN I would never speak up in a full room, but thanks to GMN I am no longer afraid to get up and speak to a large audiance.

    Volunteering for GMN has a been a very positive experience!