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Creating More Hours in the Day

Aside from the fundamental essentials that sustain life, time is perhaps our most valuable resource. As Thomas Edison once said, “Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing one can’t afford to lose.” People consistently seek out mechanisms to save time in all areas of life: drive-through restaurants, grocery delivery service, outsourced cleaning or lawn care, speed dating, and even hands-free driving. Why? The most common reason is to free time for other chosen activities.

Technology that Furthers your Mission

The goal of technology has always been to make things easier, but today’s technology goes beyond facilitating your work; it can now do some of the work for you. In the foundation and grants management sphere, this ability to “outsource” administrative work means that the true indicator of effective software is that it frees your time and resources to focus on what is most important: furthering your organization’s mission.

When migrating to, a cloud-based, integrated CRM software, Executive Director of Prince Charitable Trusts, Charles Twichell, experienced first-hand how outsourcing administrative tasks to software suddenly created hours of newly freed time. Charles and his colleagues were excited to make use of this “extra” time to foster connections and advance the mission of the Prince Charitable Trusts. Charles says,

“This software is such a leap for us. It has upped our game with efficiency and productivity and the whole atmosphere of how our work gets done is good. This is a great example of how technology serves work.” – Charles C. Twichell, Executive Director, Prince Charitable Trusts
Making the investment in a software solution is easy to justify when you can shift your energy away from administrative paperwork and processing, and instead focus on the service you provide. Our clients have found that technology serves their work and helps them focus on their other goals.

“The systems [ and] work so well, our scholarship season is almost boring because it has become so problem-free.”
– Jill Tiefenbach, Administrative Assistant: Education and Leadership Initiatives, Grand Rapids Community Foundation

What would you do with 10% – 50% more time to focus on what directly impacts your foundation’s mission? Read how the Prince Charitable Trusts refocused on their mission with the addition of an efficient software solution.