One Question Survey: That Thing You Do

What’s the first thing people say when you tell them what a grants manager does? (Other than, “Can you give me some money?”) Generally, it’s something along the lines of, “Huh?” Do you have an elevator speech that explains your work succinctly? Are you looking for a message that would be as helpful at a backyard barbecue as at an industry conference? Tell us how you’re talking about your work!

Yes, I have an elevator speech that seems to work (Leave it in the comments for us!)
No, I have no idea how to concisely tell people what I do.
Wait, what is grants management again?


Leah Farmer

Leah Farmer is PEAK Grantmaking's marketing coordinator and focuses on providing marketing tools and resources to our members. She assists in writing for and producing PEAK Grantmaking's website and publications and developing outreach campaigns to raise awareness of our brand.