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Weekly Reads – April 9, 2021

A roundup of timely insight from the grantmaking community and beyond. “Candid found that Equal Pay Day for women leading nonprofits is June 8, 2021. That translates into women leading nonprofits working 159 days for free—nearly half a year.” [more] Cathleen Clerkin, Candid “The fantastic returns that most foundations earned in 2020 should easily put … Continued


PEAK Members as Champions and Change Agents: Highlights from our 2020 Member Survey

As PEAK looks to lead operational change to drive equity in philanthropy together with our community, we heard encouraging news from our members in a survey we administered last fall. Over 500 PEAK members, representing a cross-section of our growing network of now over 5,500 grants professionals, participated in our survey to provide feedback on … Continued