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Weekly Reader – June 10, 2019

What we’re reading and recommending this week. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed. How to Transition Your Investment Portfolio Toward Impact (Hummayun Javed and Gabrielle Morgan, SSIR) A review of dozens of case studies, industry reports, and discussions reveals important insights into impact investing from innovators and early adopters. Lessons Learned: Directing the Future of … Continued


What is a Potent CRM System and the Top 3 Signs You Need It

Sponsored post from Bromelkamp Company LLC Ask foundations what the backbone of their organization and they’ll tell you – relationships. Foundations know that building relationships beyond the transactional can deepen stakeholder engagement while strengthening their impact. That’s why many foundations are now prioritizing Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) as a centerpoint of their foundations’ technology. While … Continued


A Brave Conversation on Race and Equity with Denise Barreto

Continuing the frank conversation about race and equity she started at #PEAK2019, Denise Barreto is back with a don’t-miss webinar event, Bring Your Brave Face, We’re Talking Race and Equity. This June 19 webinar event will be private, unrecorded, and highly interactive, challenging participants to engage in a courageous dialogue about race and equity. Register … Continued


Weekly Reader – June 3, 2019

What we’re reading and recommending this week. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed. How to Push DEI Conversations Out of the Comfort Zone (Chera Reid and Jara Dean-Coffey, SSIR) As we work to advance racial equity in philanthropy, four practices can help us find and stay with our learning edge—the boundaries of our comfort zones … Continued


Invest for impact: Continuous process improvement helps philanthropic organizations maximize resources

By Lee Kuntz The work week should be over, but the office is buzzing, and the chief financial officer is making the rounds one more time. Foundation policy says grantee checks must be in the mail by end of day Friday, and there are still dozens of outstanding items. Everyone is staying late, because if … Continued