Simplify My Budget and Financial Reporting Requirements


Guide to Streamlining Budgets and Financial Reporting  (PDF) Many nonprofits find that specialized budget and financial reporting requirements are some of the most time-consuming and burdensome aspects of grantseeking. This guide can help your organization streamline its grant budget and financial reporting requirements in ways that benefit your organization and your grantees.

Relieving the Burden of Budgets and Financial Reporting (VIDEO) Project Streamline has taken a hard look at what financial information grantmakers require of applicants and grantees and the maze of templates, formats, time periods, and terminology. Hear how to both relieve the burden on grantees and ensure that your foundation is getting financial information with real integrity.

Funders: Stop asking non-profits for budgets! (PODCAST) Reducing the burden of applying for and managing grants; a Nonprofit Spark podcast recorded on November 15, 2013.