Archived Publications

These select publications are made available as reference tools and contain valuable information that may be useful to grants management professionals or others in philanthropy.

2012 IT Survey Report

This report is designed to empower grantmaking organizations with information on new trends and insights into what peer organizations are doing so that they can make better decisions about the technology they use to support their missions. Read the executive summary or read the full 2012 IT Survey Report »

Guide to Streamlining

The Guide to Streamlining series is a set of tools and resources to help grantmakers apply Project Streamline’s four streamlining principles. Each tool is a stand-alone resource, allowing you to focus on the areas that matter to you at the right time for change. Find out more about the Guide to Streamlining »

2012 Conference Session Summaries

GMN produced written summaries of its most popular 2012 annual conference sessions to allow those unable to attend the sessions, or the conference, to access the knowledge and information shared at the conference. Summaries were provided complimentary to contributing organization members and those who attended the conference, and made available for purchase. They are currently available for all members at no charge in MY GMN.

A Consumer’s Guide to Grants Management Software

A Consumer’s Guide to Grants Management Software compares 20 grants management software products, describing the core strengths and weaknesses of each system, showing how they stack up against each other across a set of 17 different criteria, and detailing how each system addresses more than 125 different criteria. The grants management software marketplace has never had a better set of options to support effective and efficient grantmaking, and this report helps grantmakers understand how all these options compare. Download the Consumer’s Guide to Grants Management Software or the supplement to the report, which compares software available for community foundations and donor-advised funds.

Beyond the Recycling Bin: Greening Practices of Grantmakers

As a field committed balancing social awareness and stretching each dollar to maximize mission achievement, philanthropic organizations should be at the forefront of the greening movement. Beyond the Recycling Bin is free report to help grantmaking institutions better understand greening options, the current practices of peers, and the perceived barriers to greening. Download Beyond the Recycling Bin »

Staffing Grants Management – Defining the Standards for Philanthropy

The staffing needs and duties of the grants management function vary between foundations. This booklet was created as a guide to inform the philanthropic community about the diverse tasks assigned to – and staffing needs necessary for – the grants management function. It defines the numerous roles of grants management and its importance as the department in a foundation in which program, finance, communications, application, approval and administrative functions overlap.  NOTE: This document is from 2000 and is out of date. We are in the process of updating it. Please use accordingly. Download Staffing Grants Management »