Consumers Guide Vendor Product Update Supplement June 2017

supplementWe published our 2016 update of the popular Consumers Guide to Grants Management Systems in May 2016. This in-depth report has been expanded for 2017 to look at the features and processes used by various grants management system. The Consumers Guide compares the strengths and weaknesses of these different grants management packages to see how they stack up against industry standards.

Because vendors are constantly improving their products between editions of our report, we’re publishing a Vendor Product Update Supplement to help you keep up with those improvements. We invited vendors included in the report to submit information about any updates or additions they have made to their systems since our software demos for the report.

All the content in this supplement is provided by the vendors themselves in response to our questions. By publishing both the guide and the supplements, we strive to provide transparency that fosters healthy competition in the market and helps vendors to be more responsive to their clients’ needs. Participation in this update is not mandatory, and not all vendors chose to participate in this inaugural edition—that does not mean they won’t choose otherwise in subsequent editions, nor does it mean their systems are not being updated. We’ll continue to invite them in the future.

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