PEAK Grantmaking Salary Survey

IMAGEsalarysurveycoverGet ready for your performance review, staff retreat, or strategic planning session by getting all the detail you need to benchmark your salary and job responsibilities.

Results from PEAK Grantmaking’s 2015 salary and jobs survey are now available in our 2016 Salary and Jobs Survey Report. 300+ grants managers contributed to the salary and jobs survey, which gives you a snapshot of the profession, as well as salary and benefits comparisons.

Download or purchase the 2016 Salary and Jobs Survey Report now.

More than 80 percent of business managers and HR professionals said their companies either participate in or purchase at least one salary survey each year, according to a poll. That means the people determining your salary are looking at surveys, and GMN’s is the only report of grants management and operations professionals in philanthropy. Shouldn’t you be counted among your colleagues and get the information you need to negotiate a more competitive salary, job title, job responsibilities, and the like?

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