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Buzzwurgatory: Words and phrases we should use more carefully in 2013 (Matt Thompson, Poynter)

Buzzwords are underrated.

A concept often doesn’t cohere for people until it’s given a name. Web designers had been using CSS media queries and Javascript triggers to present Web pages differently in different contexts well before Ethan Marcotte gave us the term “responsive web design,” but the phrase helped the concept to catch fire.

The problem with buzzwords is that they usually have a life cycle. As they become more and more popular, they get applied and misapplied to an ever-widening cluster of concepts, making them more vague than meaningful. This prompts a backlash, and before long, the term can seem outmoded or even wrongheaded.


Five Smart Strategies to Build Your Nonprofit Network the Old-Fashioned Way (Rosetta Thurman)

You’ve probably heard that the key to getting your foot in the door of your dream nonprofit job or to set yourself up for a new career opportunity is to network, network, network. Well, that’s because it’s true! But no matter how powerful social media becomes, you simply cannot restrict your networking efforts to the internet. Back in the day, before blogging, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, nonprofit leaders actually made connections face to face most of the time. A phone call was more preferable to email, and it wasn’t uncommon for hires to be made without a formal interview. These days, technology has made communication much less time-consuming, but the old-fashioned ways of networking still hold true. Most jobs (about 85%, I’ve heard) are NOT advertised online. That means 9 out of 10 nonprofit positions are still filled by somebody who knows somebody.

But if you’re a young professional just starting out (or even a sector-switcher), it can be a daunting process to advance your career when you don’t know that many “somebodies.” So here are five ways to start building your network – just like nonprofit leaders did back in the olden days.

Report Release: Maryland Benefit Companies


ChangeMatters, Benefit LLC will release findings from the first survey and report on Benefit Corporation and LLC activity in Maryland since new laws defining socially-responsible and environmentally-sustainable companies went into effect. Research was conducted during the 2012 Fall semester by an MBA team at the Robert H. Smith School of Business’s Center for Social Value Creation at University of Maryland. The release of findings will be followed by a working session of entrepreneurs, advisors, and impact investors to explore next steps for promoting and scaling “common good enterprise” activity in the region.