2016-01-25 resources for grantmaking

Resources to Support Grantmaking

GMN’s goal is to support its members by providing learning and networking opportunities. To this end, here are a few ways you can find resources to support your work.

The Knowledge Base is a good place to start when you are looking for answers. In the Knowledge Base, you’ll find a searchable collection of webinars, articles, reports, and conference session summaries on topics ranging from data analysis and visualization to project management to improving impact. We’ll be adding resources to the Knowledge Base on a continuous basis, including reports from other organizations and articles from non-GMN publications. We want the Knowledge Base to be your top source when you absolutely need to know something. View this brief tutorial to learn more.

You can help us make the Knowledge Base even better by sharing your templates with us.  These sample documents are frequently sought after by members, and your award letters, checklists, policies, and reporting guidelines can make the grantmaking process easier and more efficient for your colleagues. Send your samples to Carolyn Sosnowski, GMN’s content manager, at csosnowski@gmnetwork.org.

Speaking of colleagues, you can connect with them through the GMN discussion forum. There, you can post your questions, look for answers, and subscribe to receive new messages by e-mail. Recent topics include public support tests, SharePoint, and recoverable grants. What do you need to know today? Learn how to log into and contribute to the discussions by watching this quick video.

If you have questions about GMN resources, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Carolyn at csosnowski@gmnetwork.org.

Carolyn Sosnowski

Carolyn J. Sosnowski, MLIS, is e-learning and content manager for PEAK Grantmaking. Follow her on Twitter @TheRealCarolynS.