ROI:  A By-Product of Action and Responsibility

Change, success and ability to move forward are a few constants of everyday life.  Each individual employs a series of strategies to navigate through these scenarios.  But, the path to achieve the desired end result is most certainly different for each person.

Research the Internet or visit a library and you will find numerous resources on the topic of return on investment (ROI).  Being prepared for retirement.  Saving for your children’s post-education.  Preparing for the unexpected.  No question that these factors are a great way to plan for the future.  But, what can you do now to make an impact in your life?

One way is to examine and use techniques to get engaged with activities relevant to your interests. Secondly, get connected with the right people who can add value at work, in your professional development, and last but not least in your personal well-being.

Engagement is an important concept to making this work for you.  It is more than just belonging to a club or organization.  It is about actively participating to maximize your investment (in learning, sharing, and development).   It is motivating yourself to accomplish more.  Motivation cannot be taught per se.  Some people are naturally-born with this trait and others learn from highly motivated mentors or colleagues.  The rest have to find their internal motivation driver and push the pedal to achieve goals and milestones.

Personally taking responsibility for your own success and setting goals are the next steps.  Examine what is most important to you.  Money, status, career success, happiness or is it intrinsic such as working on a garden, finishing a home project, spending more time with family and friends.  The answers are not important but actively participating in meeting your needs and desires is an important part in the process.

Take time now to invest in yourself.  It will make you feel better about being you, and hopefully, happier too.  And, you will experience a pay off in the short and long run.

Read more about self-investment and visit GMN’s website to discover the many resources available to invest in your career as a grants management professional.

Miriam Williams