Short Talks

Tuesday, March 21 – 3:45pm-5:15pm


The Good, Bad, and the Ugly: What Story Does Your 990 Tell About Your Foundation?

Learning Track: Short Talks
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Have you read your institution’s 990 lately? The IRS recently started releasing e-filed Forms 990 and 990-PF as machine-readable, open data. Because the data is now not only open, but digital and machine-readable, this means that anyone from journalists to researchers to activists can aggregate this data and make comparisons, correlations, and judgments about philanthropy at lightning speed, all without your input. This has implications for foundations institution-wide, from grants data to staffing to investment management. Attend this session to learn about sections of the Form 990 that present potential risks and vulnerabilities, as well as opportunities to better explain your institution’s work.

Incorporating DEI in Grantmaking: From Theory to Practice

Learning Track: Short Talks
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In the endeavor to make their grantmaking effective, many philanthropists have adopted practices that may actually undermine their missions. In other cases, there may be blindspots resulting from implicit bias in their grantmaking, which can detract from funders’ missions. Whether intentional or not, the end result is the philanthropy at large has not been as diverse, inclusive, or equitable, as it strives to be in its rhetoric. Through their work they have distilled some promising practices to incorporate DEI in grantmaking, from resources available through D5 Coalition and other organizations. Through this interactive short talk, presenters will share these practices and provide ideas on how to practically engage DEI participants’ own work.

The Lifecycle of a Grant

Learning Track: Short Talks
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Ever wondered what happens to your grant data when you share it with Foundation Center, which in turn shares it with the rest of the world? Come to this short talk to see how the data is structured, shared and impacts conversations all over the world among people trying to make a difference. Walk away with a better understanding of how to organize your grants data for public consumption.

One Foundation’s Journey into Developing an Impact Assessment Framework

Learning Track: Short Talks
#GMN2017 #impactassessment

Learning and assessment has been top-of-mind for many foundations. Trying to answer the question “What is the impact of our grantmaking?” is particularly challenging for a funder that provides much-needed general operating support (GOS) to organizations that serve a diverse range of populations in a wide variety of sectors. This short talk will examine one foundation’s process of developing an assessment system designed to generate meaningful information about the impact of its GOS funding on grantee organizational effectiveness, including lessons learned and the road ahead.

Owning Our Power at Work

Learning Track: Short Talks
#GMN2017 #owningyourpower

What is a healthy relationship to our “power” and what keeps us from acting in a fully empowered way? Who are the people that we give our power away to and how can we change our response to situations that keep us from asking for what we want or saying no to what we don’t want? This session focuses on the beliefs and behaviors that keep us from being our unique, authentic, and expressive selves at work. Whether you are an extrovert, or an introvert, an intern or the board chair, this session can help you to take your power back and offer your greatest contribution yet.

Pennies for Progress: A Decade of Boom for Philanthropy, A Bust for Social Justice

Learning Track: Short Talks
#GMN2017 #philanthropy #socialjustice

Which funders are leading the pack in giving to empower movements for social justice? Have the last 10 years seen any change in foundation giving as general support? How do corporate foundations measure up to their independent and community peers? These questions and more will be answered in this session on the most recent edition of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy’s (NCRP) popular series of reports, The Philanthropic Landscape. The retrospective includes an analysis of 10 years’ worth of new data from the Foundation Center on giving for social justice and underserved communities from 2003-2013. Presenters will illuminate the trends and impact of funding for advocacy, organizing, and civic engagement, as well as share reactions to the insights into their systems change work and positive outcomes from the past decade.

Un-Restrict Support! An Innovative Approach to Funding

Learning Track: Short Talks
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Are you rethinking your grants management approach from project-specific funding to unrestricted support? Using the case study of the Citi Foundation’s Community Progress Makers program, which is a $20 million initiative to support 40 high-impact community organizations, we will dive into the trending topic of combating the nonprofit starvation cycle with general operating support.
This session will equip grantmakers to build the infrastructure needed to invest in your partners, not just their projects.

UN Sustainable Development Goals: Understanding the Role

Learning Track: Short Talks
#GMN2017 #SustDevGM

While you’re hard at work advancing your mission, it can be easy to think of your program’s results as the entire story, but what if your work were intrinsically connected to a wider effort with even broader impact? Recently, the United Nations mapped out its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to transform our world for the better, with various goals and targets that seek to make a major global impact. Even if your programs are domestically based, in all likelihood they are contributing to this extraordinary global effort of ending extreme poverty, fighting inequality and injustice, and fixing climate change. Join this short talk to learn how you and the organizations you are funding and supporting are already contributing to the 2030 Agenda and what you can do today to increase the global impact of your work.

Youth Giving Is a Philanthropic Force

Learning Track: Short Talks
#GMN2017 #youthgiving

Young people worldwide are transforming their communities and themselves by making grants — more than $14 million worth since 2001 — to causes they’re passionate about. In this session, participants will get a summary on what the data shows about youth grantmaking, then hear a conversation about two youth grantmaking programs that reveal the ins and outs of their work. Grants managers will learn practical tips and ideas on how to integrate this form of participatory grantmaking.