PEAK Grantmaking + SmartSimple

PEAK Grantmaking is proud to partner with SmartSimple to bring new ideas and solutions to our members.

SmartSimple was designed from the start to help organizations connect with their communities and streamline critical processes. They are able to do this because their products are almost endlessly configurable. Once a system is implemented, SmartSimple’s clients are able to administer their software on their own, with minimal help!

It’s been over a decade since SmartSimple started serving clients, and their core mission of providing personalized software solutions to customers remains unchanged.

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Available Webinars

It’s from the Future: An Introduction to Predictive Analytics (Log in required)

Kicking the Crystal Ball Around: Prediction and Classification (Log in required)

Birds of a Feather —Grouping and Segmentation (Log in required)

Teach Your Computer to Read: Using Text Analytics in Grantmaking (Log in required)

Tim Daciuk

Tim Daciuk is director, advanced analytics, with SmartSimple. Tim helps clients understand the value of predictive analytics and how it aligns with their grants and funding strategies. He provides everything from a business understanding to in-depth technical work. Additionally, Tim is an accomplished speaker and has spoken at conferences around the world. Tim has 30 years of experience in statistics, data mining, and predictive analytics. Of late, Tim has specialized in the use of data and text mining and how these technologies can be applied in different industries.

SmartSimple 365 Webinar

Grants Management System Yoga: Flexible GMSs and What They Can Do For You (Log in required)