Streamlining Our Grant Process: Lana Vento Charitable Trust

The ASF blog PhilanthroFiles shares a streamlining story from the Lana Vento Charitable Trust, which recently right-sized its grant process to fit the organizational capacity and size of the grant to a local theatre. In doing so, they streamlined their application process in several ways:

  • Information that may not change year to year is requested only if different from the previous year. A note to this effect is inserted next to these application questions.
  • LVCT made an effort to do site visits. Site visits have proven invaluable, because they provide a time to meet the people behind the organization and see grant dollars at work.
  • The director of LVCT drops off the grant check in person, which provides additional face-to-face time.
  • Subsequently, LVCT has required only the minimum amount of paperwork necessary for due diligence—namely, a report on the previous grant and a proposal for the new grant request. The proposal is a narrative that describes how the funding will be used and includes a budget for both the program and organization.
  • Many of the other documents necessary for due diligence are obtained via the Internet. For example, the current IRS status can is checked online as well as the latest Form 990.

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