Grantmaking technology continues to offer new and exciting ways to gather and share information from grantseekers and to store knowledge that enhances the grantmaking process and relationships between funders and grantees.

But not all grantmakers have made the switch to tech-savvy practices, increasing the burden on grantseekers to provide information in outdated ways and multiple times across many grantmaking cycles. Grantmakers are also not achieving their outcome goals–or aren’t aware that they are achieving them–because they lack fundamental reporting offered by advanced technology systems.

Consumers Guide to Grants Management Systems

Along with our partners, the Technology Affinity Group (TAG) and Idealware, PEAK Grantmaking released the 2016 update of the popular A Consumers Guide to Grants Management Systems. This in-depth report has been expanded for 2016 to look at the features and processes used by 29 grants management system. The Consumers Guide compares the strengths and weaknesses of these different grants management packages to see how they stack up against industry standards. Released in May 2016

Technology Report

With TAG, we released the 2014 Grantmaker Information Technology Survey Report.

Grantmaking organizations hand out billions of dollars each year to worthy causes, but most foundations are flummoxed by the technology tools they use in their grant operations. This lack of understanding is disconcerting and gives rise to questions about decision-making and leadership in implementation of the software used to manage those billions in funding.