PEAK Grantmaking Technology Terms of Use


Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari may all be used to log into the PEAK Grantmaking website.

Depending on the size of your monitor or your choice of browser, you may need to adjust your zoom settings to accommodate your viewing preferences.


Cookies are files created by websites you visit. These files remember information about your preferred settings and items such as your username and/or password. Enabling cookies can speed movement around a website and make it unnecessary for you to re-enter your information each time you visit. PEAK Grantmaking cookies are listed as and

  • Chrome
    Chrome enables cookies by default. Manage cookies in Chrome under Settings>>Advanced Settings>>Privacy>>Content Settings.

Select “Allow local data to be set,” the Chrome-recommended setting, to create the quickest login experience. You may also set exceptions here, as well as delete individual cookies that have already been saved. More information.

  • Firefox
    By default, cookies are enabled by Firefox. Manage cookies under Settings>>Options>>

“Accept cookies from sites” and “Keep until they expire” are the recommended settings. Select Use Custom Settings for History to manage your preferences for exceptions and individual sites. More information.

  • Internet Explorer
    Internet Explorer accepts cookies by default. Be sure that the “Always allow session cookies” option is checked, as well, by going to Tools>>Internet Options>>Privacy>>Advanced. Manage individual cookies under Tools>>Internet Options>>Privacy>>Sites. More information.
  • Safari
    The default cookie setting for Safari is “Allow from Websites I Visit.”

To manage Safari cookies on your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings>>Safari>>Block Cookies. More information.

To manage Safari cookies on your computer, go to Safari>>Preferences>>Privacy. More information.