The Rise of Big Data and What it Means for the Non-Profit/Philanthropy Community

Experts say that most successful organizations will be those that can figure out how to use big data. Lisa Mueller writes for MojaLink:

Although the reach of big data crosses many industries, and there is much excitement about the possibilities of how big data can be used, the use of big data comes with cautions as well. There are concerns about privacy and security, questions about governance, and how the data will be used.

As the role of big data continues to evolve, the opportunity to use big data in the philanthropy/non-profit community has the potential to change fundraising, increase effectiveness measures or return on investment, and ultimately have an impact on social problems. Just how much value big data will have on the non-profit philanthropy community is an open question, but it is clear that investments are being made in data solutions, and organizations need to consider how they might harness the potential of big data.

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