Walk the Talk

PEAK Grantmaking is engaging grantmakers in conversation about their values—and how and whether those values show up in their grantmaking practices.

Regardless of whether they are stated explicitly, all grantmakers have core values that motivate and inform their work. However, those core values often aren’t reflected in their grantmaking practices. However, grantmaking practices are the most tangible indication to the world of a grantmaker’s values. When grantmaking practices and principles are out of sync, grantmakers unnecessarily tax their resources, the nonprofits they serve, and the goodwill of their supporters.

In a series of workshops in fall 2017, PEAK Grantmaking will offer insights from grantmaking institutions that have linked values to practices, provide tools for grants managers to advance dialogue about values and practices in their own organizations, and increase grants managers’ capacity to elevate their organizations’ grantmaking.

Workshops Confirmed

July 12 – PEAK Grantmaking New York Regional Chapter (NYC)

July 24 – PEAK Grantmaking Northern California Regional Chapter (Oakland)

September 19 – PEAK Grantmaking Rocky Mountain Regional Chapter (Denver)

September 22 – PEAK Grantmaking Texas Regional Chapter (Houston)

October 5 -PEAK Grantmaking New England Regional Chapter (Boston)

October 6 – PEAK Grantmaking Southeast Regional Chapter (Asheville, N.C.)

October 20 – PEAK Grantmaking Midwest Regional Chapter (Chicago)

October 30 – PEAK Grantmaking Pacific Northwest Regional Chapter (Seattle, WA)


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Regional Associations of Grantmakers: we’d like to bring this workshop to your members, too! Please contact us to talk about how “walking the talk” can be valuable for grants managers, program officers, executive leaders, and even trustees!


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