Weekly Reader – August 29, 2016

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Monday, August 29

Summer reads you won’t want to miss: summer 2016 edition of “Responsive Philanthropy” (Aaron Dorfman, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy) Is philanthropy finally getting serious about racial equity and racial justice? I don’t know. But I’m pleased with some of the sustained conversation that has been happening.

Tuesday, August 30

Regulation of Nonprofit and Philanthropic Organizations: An International Perspective (Mark Sidel, Nonprofit Quarterly) We must practice caution in our approach to the “closing space” mantra, and try to ensure that it does not oversimplify the complex developments we are witnessing during a crucial time for the development of nonprofit and philanthropic sectors around the world.

Wednesday, August 31

Privilege is a blind spot that we need to recognize and confront to do philanthropy well (Kathleen P. Enright, GEO, The Huffington Post) We all have blind spots. Our blind spots may cause us to change lanes when it isn’t safe to do so or ignore a pattern of negative behavior from a loved one that is obvious to others. Regardless, blind spots impair our judgment in meaningful ways. For many in philanthropy, privilege is a blind spot.

Thursday, September 1

Changes in the IRS Oversight of Nonprofits (Ruth McCambridget and Virginia Gross, Nonprofit Quarterly) The assumption on the part of nonprofits has always been that the IRS had a primary role in its monitoring and regulation—and sometimes, though relatively rarely, in enforcement.

Friday, September 2

Nonprofits Face New Requirements in Financial Statements (Timothy Sandoval, The Chronicle of Philanthropy) Nonprofits will need to change the way they report information about net assets, expenses, and other items in annual financial statements in fiscal years starting in 2018

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