Weekly Reader June 10, 2013

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Ten Legacy Goals of Next Gen Grantmakers (White Courtesy Telephone)

One of the responsibilities of us older salts in the field of philanthropy is to ensure that we absolutely do not reproduce ourselves in the next generation. I had the opportunity of spending an afternoon this past November with participants in the Council on Foundations’ Career Pathways Program.  These were mostly younger people in the field who were preparing for the next steps in their careers.  When I asked them what they wanted to be remembered for in philanthropy they produced the following list.

Philanthropy and Millennials: Get On Board Or Get Left Behind (Huffington Post)

Millennials, motivated by their passion for bettering the world and their desire to be recognized and to be rewarded for doing so, will catalyze a revolution in both business and philanthropy. It’s time for everyone in these sectors to embrace the potential of millennials, or get left behind.

Why Big Data Is Not Truth (The New York Times)

The word “data” connotes fixed numbers inside hard grids of information, and as a result, it is easily mistaken for fact. But including bad product introductions and wars, we have many examples of bad data causing big mistakes.

Big Data raises bigger issues. The term suggests assembling many facts to create greater, previously unseen truths. It suggests the certainty of math.

That promise of certainty has been a hallmark of the technology industry for decades. With Big Data, however, there are even more hazards, some human and some inherent in the technology.