Weekly Reader May 27, 2013

Top reads we’re recommending this week:

Design Thinking and Philanthropy: Are You Ready For It? (Center for Effective Philanthropy)
Can you create an environment and organizational culture that provides the space to “try?”

Which causes do most nonprofits serve? (PDF) (Guidestar)
Infographic that lays out the areas where nonprofits are focused.

Philanthropy’s Most Effective Tool—Why Not Use It? (BolderAdvocacy.org)
Has any philanthropic leader ever said it more clearly? “Foundation-supported advocacy can counter the immense power of corporations.”

Half of Americans Say Giving Is Best Part of Wealth (Chronicle of Philanthropy)
Giving money away to good causes is the most satisfying part of life for at least half of America’s millionaires and billionaires, according to a survey released Tuesday. Philanthropy ranked highest for a bigger share of the rich than the possessions and lifestyle that come with wealth, according to the study of 711 people with at least $3-million in assets beyond their home.

Top Business Issues May Drive Nonprofit Corporate Alliances (MassNonprofit.org)
Nonprofits looking to establish alliances with corporate partners may find it useful to team with them in connection with issues that most concern business, as identified in a new report that identifies the top 10 stakeholder issues over the next 12 months.