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Weekly Reader – November 14, 2016

What we’re reading and recommending this week. We add to this post throughout the week and look for your suggestions in the comments.

Monday, November 14

How Offering an Innovation Prize Energized Our Grant Making (Peter Davidson and Amy Freitag, The Chronicle of Philanthropy) In January, our foundation put out a call to anyone in America with a promising solution to a social problem. In return, we offered 10 prizes, each worth up to $175,000 over three years — enough, we hoped, to set a fledgling effort on the path to success. We held our breath, watching applications trickle in. Would we catch the eye of wildly inventive social innovators?

Tuesday, November 15

A Surprising Prize: Small Dollars, Big Ideas (Rick Rathmann, Philanthropy News Digest) My family has been fortunate in the for-profit world to experience firsthand how a relatively small amount of money, if applied well (and with some luck), can launch a big idea. Would the same hold true for the nonprofit world? The Rathmann Challenge is a grantmaking tool devised for that purpose — finding good ideas that might scale to create value for many.

Wednesday, November 16

As Giving Tuesday Turns 5, Its Impact Expands Beyond Dollars (Eden Stiffman, The Chronicle of Philanthropy) Five years ago, Giving Tuesday was just one of a million nice ideas, says Henry Timms, executive director of the 92nd Street Y and founder of the annual day aimed at spurring philanthropy. “No one thought it was going to work.”

Thursday, November 17

Trump’s Tax Plan Would Concentrate Wealth, Limit Incentives to Give (Paul Sullivan, Philanthropy News Digest) If President-elect Donald J. Trump follows through on his campaign promises, taxes that apply only to the richest Americans could be eliminated, along with nearly all tax incentives to be philanthropic, the New York Times reports.

Friday, November 18

Brave New World: What role can philanthropy play in the age of Brexit and Trump? (Rhodri Davies, Medium.com) We are not quite at the end of 2016, but it has already ─ by any measure you care to use — been a remarkable year.


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