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Weekly Reader – September 14, 2015

What we’re reading and recommending this week. We add to this post throughout the week and look for your suggestions in the comments.

Monday, September 14

How Nonprofits Can Use Data to Maximize Community Impact (Umbel) The biggest truth about data is that it only has real value if it changes the way organizations act and think.

Tuesday, September 15

The Risk of Not Taking Risks (PhilanthroFiles) Today, Exponent Philanthropy released Outsized Impact 2015, our annual publication illustrating the power of individual, family, and small-staffed foundation donors.

Wednesday, September 16

It Isn’t Enough to Talk About Diversity: 4 Ways to Tell if You’re Doing Enough (Trista Harris, The Chronicle of Philanthropy) Nonprofit and philanthropic organizations have long valued diversity, economic development, and equity. We write about those principles, campaign for them, and incorporate them into our goals. We talk a good game.  But do we go far enough to carry out those goals?

Thursday, September 17

Provocations on American Foundations and Policy (Lucy Bernholz) American foundations sometimes fund advocacy or policy analysis or community organizing as part of their strategies for particular types of social change. But who advocates on behalf of foundations about philanthropic policy? And what are the policy domains that matter to foundations as enterprises?

Friday, September 18

Philanthropic power erosion: the Edge Fund alternative (Sophie Pritchard, Open Democracy) When power and privilege are acknowledged and addressed, decisions over funding can unite people instead of dividing them.




Nikki Powell

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